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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kitchen Basics - Jaggery

Jaggery – a very common sweetener used in Indian household.
Most of the times we need jaggery in small pieces. But we buy jaggery in big pieces. I have tried many techniques to get the jaggery to small pieces. Some methods includes keeping it on the floor wrapped in paper and nailing it with heavy objects, powder in the mixer etc.
I have also heard that breaking jaggery with jaggery will break it faster..
What works best for me like a charm is
Take the jaggery and use a peeler and peel it. This way you get small and uniform pieces and does not take too much time. Vola!! it is easy and you do not need a steel arm to do it!!
Try this method and tell me if it works for you too..
Sending this to Tell Your Kitchen Secret by Gayathri.


  1. Looks like an interesting option but doesn't it need lot of force ????????


    1. Nayana - it does not need a lot of force... Yes, you do NOT need steel arms to do it...

  2. Using the peeler is my method too :)

  3. my MIL uses knife to peel and keep things handy. but i like this peeling option


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