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Sunday, August 5, 2012


My blog views have crossed 2000.. yay!!! . Celebrating with a sweet.. Shrikand is a simple and delicious Indian desert. It is made with fresh curd. Curd is very rich in calcium and probiotics. This is a desert which needs a lot of time (when seen as start to finish), but the work involved is very less. Most of the time involved is waiting time. The flavor of this dish comes from the aroma of saffron and cardamom. Traditionally shrikand is served with puri, but we enjoyed it as is…. I got this recipe from here
Shrikand - IMG_1672

Curd / Yogurt - 4 cups
Sugar - 1/4 cup (adjust to taste)
Saffron - 10 - 15 strands
Warm Milk - 1 table spoon
Cardamom Powder - 1/4 tea spoon
Sliced Almonds / Pistachios - to garnish

Prepare the strainer - put a muslin cloth over a strainer and have a vessel under it to catch drippings of the whey
Take fresh curd and pour it in the prepared strainer to drain the water.
Gently squeeze the water out. Make sure not to squeeze out the curd.
Keep this entire setting with the strainer in the fridge for around 4 hours. Overnight is even better. Keeping in fridge is key to avoid the curd becoming sour
Dissolve the saffron in warm milk and once well dissolved, milk will become a beautiful yellowish color
Remove the hung curd from the fridge and add sugar, cardamom powder and saffron milk and beat well until sugar dissolves
Mix in most of the almonds and pistachios to the curd mixture and the leave a few for garnish
Refrigerate the shrikand again for another 2 hours at least before serving.
Longer the better as flavor increase considerably with refrigeration. The curd gets the chance to absorb the flavors of cardamom and saffron
Garnish with the nuts and serve

I have tried this dish with regular white sugar many times and once also tried it with Equal (sugar substitute) for my dad. I halved this recipe and used around 2 tea spoons of equal to serve for my dad. He liked it.
Shrikand - IMG_1668

About curd / yogurt (from Wikipedia) - Yogurt is nutritionally rich in calcium, proteinriboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.[19] It has nutritional benefits beyond those of milk. Men and women who are lactose-intolerant can sometimes tolerate yogurt better than other dairy products, because the lactose in the milk is converted to glucose and GA lactose, and partially fermented to lactic acid, by the bacterial culture. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity (11 January 2005) also found that the consumption of low-fat yogurt can promote weight loss, especially due to the calcium in the yogurt.Dahi is a yogurt of the Indian subcontinent, known for its characteristic taste and consistency. The word dahi seems to be derived from the Sanskrit word dadhi, one of the five elixirs, or panchamrita, often used in Hindu ritual.

Points to note – about Shrikand (from Wikipedia) - A popular variation of shrikhand in Maharashtra is Amrakhand (आम्रखंड), which is shrikhand blended with mango pulp. Another variant of shrikhand, Matho (મઠો), is served as a sweet dish or dessert. The preparation method is almost the same, but some fresh fruits are always added in Matho

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  1. That's one delicious bowl of goodness, nice picture..

  2. looks super good...just discussed this last eve with Vaishali....am sure she wil make a super dish too...now this is good reason to believe that we can indulge in bowl of shrikhand for calcium

  3. Nice picture and a great way to celebrate.Love this with Poori...

  4. wow..looks great..ya..as Pradnya says..she told me it is really easy..and I gave it a trial...wonderful!..yours looks nice with all those nuts:)

  5. Thanks valli, pradnya, pj and vaishali....

  6. Congrats, Sowmya. Shrikand looks absolutely delicious...

  7. Thats a fabulous shrikhand, i can have a bowl of it anytime. Congrats Sowmya, that an incredible milestone.

    1. Thanks Priya.. Small drops make a ocean.. So starting with few drops here....

  8. Lovely clicks. Yummy looking shrikand.

  9. sowmya, thanks for visiting my blog, otherwise i would not have found yours! love this shrikand. absolutely love swirls on top! have never seen such a perfect one in the blog world!! Keep rocking up!! congrads on your pageviews!

  10. looks yummy.... Thanks for linking it up dear....

  11. Shrikhand looks very tempting. I am drooling here.

  12. Thanks for linking this entry with my WTML event

  13. Hi Sowmya, Very neat and clear pic!! in love with this shrikand after seeing this pick.
    I am also submitted some pics from my blog to "kitchenartistry" but always they are rejected,and editors notes are not clear..can you give me the details for uploading photo here.
    Thanks in advance.

  14. Hi Sowmya, Very neat and clear pic!! in love with this shrikand after seeing this pick.
    I am also submitted some pics from my blog to kitchenartistry but always they are rejected,and editors notes are not clear..can you give me the details for uploading photo here.
    Thanks in advance.


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