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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hung Curd

A lot of recipes call for Hung curd. What is hung curd and can it be made at home? There are products called Set curd which some people told me that it is hung curd available readily. Hung Curd can also be used in the place of cream cheese.
Preparation of hung curd requires about 2 to 3 hours of time only and most of the time is waiting time.

Curd - 4 cups

Setup of the strainer should be like this - have a strainer over a vessel. Put double layered cheese cloth / muslin cloth / some thin cloth with very small holes over the strainer.
Pour the curd on the strainer and allow it to drain
Tighten the cloth such that the initial whey water comes out quickly. Take care to not press it too hard. If you squeeze too hard, then you might squeeze out the curd.
Allow it to rest in the fridge with the entire setup for around 2 hours.
Hung Curd is ready – isn't that easy?

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