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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Taste of the Tropics–Coconut–Roundup

Hi All,
I am so excited and happy to have received so many entries for my first guest host event – Taste of the Tropics – Coconut. I thank you all for making my first guest host event a success!!! I would thank Mireille for giving me this opportunity to guest host her event. Here is the roundup of all the lovely and yummy recipes.. If I have missed out someone, please let me know and I will update accordingly. I am presenting the roundup in the order it was received..

Eggless Lemon Coconut Bread from my blog – Nivedhanam
1 - Eggless Lemon Coconut Bread
Lemon Coconut Bread from Ribbon to Pastas
3 - Lemon Coconut Bread for Eggless Baking Group
Thai Red Curry – Tofu from my blog – Nivedhanam
4 - Thai Red Curry - Tofu

Crunchy Coconut Cookies from Namak Shamak
5 - Crunchy Coconut Cookies
Potato Stew from Sara's TASTY BUDS
6 - potato stew
Potato Masala Using Coconut Milk from You too can cook
7 - Potato Masala
Coconut Burfi from Foodmazaa
8 - Coconut Barfi
Dil Pasand / Dil kush from my blog – Nivedhanam
11 - Dil Pasand
Thengai Pal Sadam / Coconut Milk Rice from Tamil’s Kitchen
12 - Thengai Pal Sadam
French Beans Curry from Indian Culinary Delights
  13 - French Beans Curry
  Idiyappam from My Style of Recipes
  14 - Idiyappam
Puttu/Kuzhai Puttu/Kuzha Puttu - Step by step from My Style of Recipes   15 - Puttu
Coconut Chutney from My Style of Recipes
  16 - Coconut Chutney
  Spicy Mashed Tapioca from My Style of Recipes
17 - Spicy Mashed Tapioca
Moola koshimbir ( Radish salad) from Nayanas Kitchen Creations

18 - Moola koshimbir
Ragi Idiyappam from Fork n Folks
19 - Ragi Idiyappam
Ambade Udid Methi ( Curry) from Nayanas Kitchen Creations
20 - Ambade Udid Methi
Rice Idiyappam and potato stew from Fork n Folks
21 - Rice Idiyappam and potato stew
Stuffed Bajra Paratha from Preeti's Kitchen Life

Coconut Jaggery Kozhukattai from Cooksjoy
  25 - Coconut Jaggery Kozhukattai
Puran Poli from  Preeti's Kitchen Life

Coconut Rice/Thengai Sadam from My Style of Recipes
  29 - Coconut Rice
Soya chunks kuruma from My Style of Recipes
  30 - Soya chunks kuruma
Ragi Puttu from My Style of Recipes
31 - Ragi Puttu
  Fenugreek Leaves Kuruma/Curry from My Style of Recipes
32 - Fenugreek Leaves Kuruma
Cabbage Poriyal/Stir Fry from My Style of Recipes
33 - Cabbage Poriyal
BENGALI } PatiShapta (Crepes/Pancakes with Coconut Filling) from My Mom's recipe

34 - PatiShapta
Dairy free Coconut-Cashew Burfi from Soups and Sights
35 - Dairy free Coconut-Cashew Burfi
Besan ke Laddoo  from Preeti's Kitchen Life

Coconut and corn salad  from Preeti's Kitchen Life


Vella Kozhukkattai from my blog Nivedhanam

39 - Vella Kozhukkattai
Brown Rice Dhokla from my blog Nivedhanam
40 - Brown Rice Dhokla
Easy Pudding (with/ without) Tender Coconut (karikku/elaneer) from Saju's tastes 41 - Easy Pudding
Sweet Plantain Cutlets (Ethakka Cutlet) from Saju's tastes
  42 - Sweet Plantain Cutlets
 Sukhiyan / Modakam (Green Gram Balls from Saju's tastes
  43 - Sukhiyan
Smashed Tapioca (Kappa) from Saju's tastes
  44 - Smashed Tapioca
Vegetable Kurma from Saju's tastes
  45 - Vegetable Kurma
Coconut Lime Cookies/ Coconut Drops from Chef Mireille
47 - Coconut Lime Cookies
Thengai kozhukatai from Sara's TASTY BUDS
 48 - Thengai kozhukatai
Ela Ada from Fork n Folks
 46 - Ela Ada
Kudumulu ~ Vinayakar Chaturthi Prasadam from Ez Cookbook
50 - Kudumulu
Thengai Thuvayal from my blog Nivedhanam
  51 - Thengai Thuvayal
Poondu Kathirikkai Puli Kulambu from Tamil's Kitchen
  53 - Poondu Kathirikkai Puli Kuzhambu
Theeyal/vegetables with coconut curry from Babi's recipes
  54 - Theeyal
Sweet potato kootu from Babi's recipes
  55 - Sweet potato kootu
Lady' finger/okra from Babi's recipes

59 - Lady finger
Apple Stuffed Klepon from Chef Mireille
60 - Apple Stuffed Klepon
Kozkattas from Fork n Folks
61 - Kozkattas
Thai Vegetable and Tofu red Curry (Vegetarian) from My Cooking Journey 62 - Thai Vegetable and Tofu red Curry
Andhra style paneer gravy from My Cooking Journey

63 - Andhra style paneer gravy
Olan from Fork n Folks

64 - Olan
Thanks for all these yummy and delicious recipes!!!


  1. Woowwww...really happy 2 c my dearest coconut based dishes up der...N also happy in fyndng other new varities...Really a gud round up...:)

  2. Hi dear u did.not mention.my recipes in.ur roundup.. As per ur mail i had already add link

    1. hi preeti, i have included them now.. Thanks for updating!!


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