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Saturday, February 9, 2013

What is with my Cuppa??

I am a coffee person and most of my mornings start with piping hot coffee... Although in the morning I am good with just coffee, I love to eat something along with my coffee other times... A lot of items can be accompanied with coffee or tea and this event welcomes all such entries. I am very happy to announce my guest host event "What with with my Cuppa??" which is a brain child of Nupur. So what to link here are dishes that you would serve with coffee or tea. It can be any cuisine, sweet or savory. Some of the items I can think of are - Indian chaats, Farsaans, savory items like sev, then kuzhal, thattai, murukku, muffins, cupcakes, biscotti, tarts, cookies (sweet or savory), breads, cakes, mini tiffin like vadai, bonda, bajji, cutlets and the list is endless.. Anything you would love with coffee or tea...
Here are the event rules
Event runs from 10th February – 10th March
Only Vegetarian entries are allowed. No eggs allowed. If using eggs, please mention egg substitute or it will be removed
Linking back to this announcement page and Nupur's page is Mandatory. Simply copy and paste this -  “Sending to What is with my cuppa and Nupur's page"
Recipe can be of any cuisine, course or taste. Please see the List above for the ideas.
Please try fresh recipes, though up to 3 Archived recipes are welcome.
Usage of Logo will be appreciated.


  1. sure send my entries:)happy hosting:)

  2. Happy Hosting. Hopefully I can get in a few entries :)

  3. happy hosting sowmya, linked my recipe

  4. Lovely event.. Happy hosting..!

  5. good event dear, linking some of my recipes.
    Happy hosting :)

  6. I have linked my recipe.Happy Hosting.

  7. First time here...nice events..plz do visit my place..

  8. oops! Sorry I have typed my name in the Name section instead of the recipe name :( Silly mistake to make. Have sent the link again. Sorry about the double submission. Hope it is not a problem.

  9. Hi, I'am PriyaAnandakumar. This is my first time here. I'am new to blogging.Have linked some of my recipes. Happy hosting & thanks for the event.
    Do visit my place as well.

  10. Sowmya, I have added your reference and logos to my last 3 submissions. I am still bummed about what to do regarding my mis-naming my cinnamon rolls. It will not let me redo/delete the link and upload it again. So could you please let me know what to do about it? Thanks! Happy hosting and thanks for the event.

  11. Hi Sowmya! I linked my entry for the egg less chocolate cake but the link is not showing up, Please check.Thanks

    1. Hi Archana, the link is showing now.. may be a server!! thanks for linking!!!

  12. I am hooked onto your blog and the blog events... Added my recipe for parippuvada...

  13. Haapy hosting sowmya,linked few of my recipes.Do visit my blog when you have time and lovely event.

  14. Hi,
    I'm so glad I found a nice food blog.Do stop by my blog.
    I'm linking some of my recipes.


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