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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kaju Roll / Cashew Roll

Kaju Roll is sweet made out of cashew. It has its rich texture, taste and is not very sweet. You can store this in an airtight container for up to 10 days. This does not need any specific topping or garnish and is served mostly as is. My daughter was very excited to see me do this and she named this as surprise sweet as she is the only one who knows that there is a different color inside:) I am sharing this for this month's Blogging Marathon
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Cashew – 1 cup
Sugar – ¾ cup
Ghee – 1 table spoon
Water – 1/3 cup
Cardamom – 2 (powdered)
Saffron – A few strands
Dry roast the cashew for 3 minutes or until it is very warm to touch and set aside. Grind to a fine powder and run it through a sieve
Boil water and add sugar and bring it to 3 string consistency or very hard ball consistency
You drop a small piece of the sugar mixture, it should hold its shape very strong and not fall apart
Now add the powdered cashew and mix well until combined
Add cardamom and saffron and remove from heat
Once cool to touch, transfer to a work area and divide it into 2 portions
To one portion add a drop or two of green food coloring and knead it well. Make small portions of it.
Knead the other portion also separately well. Make 1/2 to 3/4 inch diameter and 6 inch length logs and set aside
Take one portion, make a 6 inch X 3 inch rectangle and lay it on the counter, now keep one log inside and cover it from all sides such that you get a roll covered completely. Cut into 2 portions to get 2 3 inch pieces
Repeat for the rest to get green outer shell and white inside. You could also do the opposite color to get white outer shell and green inside
Refrigerate for an hour (optional) and serve

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  1. Looks very colourful Sowmya...good to know your daughter likes to eat this..

  2. this is my favourite sweet sowmy

    u have done it so well

  3. I have never tried cashew roll. Looks delicious!!

  4. Kaju rolls are so delicious and mouthwatering to look at.

  5. this is in my todo list for coming diwali...glad to have seen this recipe so ahead of time

  6. Cute clicks.. Perfect looking rolls :)

  7. so professionally made.. my daughter too loves Kaju but in Katli form.. bookmarking this..
    Sizzling Tastebuds
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  8. Good one. I wonder when I will get comfortable using food color :)

  9. Very catchy colours, very attractive, obviously definitely kids will love this super nutty rolls.

  10. your kaju rolls look very delicious, nice clicks too....

  11. This is one sweet for which we all siblings fight for in a sweet box. Looks yum soumya !!!

  12. love the color. we can serve this for St. Patricks Day here in America...holiday was just celebrated where everyone colors food green and wears green to celebrate the Emerald isle (Ireland)

  13. very pretty...I make lots of cashew sweets for Diwali...Sowmya..instead of adding color, how about using a pista mithai inside..or perhaps you could add saffron to the second half..and stuff that..you get two flavors.

  14. Yummyyyy kaju rolls!!!


  15. Thanks for linking the Kaju Roll for my event Soumya! They look lovely!

  16. Very rich and tasty rolls...

  17. Awesome recipe thanks for linking with my event

  18. Two colors does make it stand out! Looks really yum! But like Vaishali suggested, the recipe can take in pista or some other flavor. Fabulous!!

  19. Delicious Kaju rolls, Sowmya, Love the two color version. thanks for sharing with Traditional Indian Sweets and Giveaway

  20. Wow...you really made them at home. Kudos

  21. Those kaju rolls look awesome. Love the surprise inside..

  22. Colourful rolls.. Its been long since I had these kind of sweets. Good one.

  23. Looks so colourful and yummy!!

  24. Looks fantastic. I love cashew.


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