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Monday, March 18, 2013

Roundup of What is with my Cuppa

How about some thing to eat with piping hot coffee or tea…. Here are a lot of options – about 140… So here you go for a tasty and yummy accompaniments with my Cuppa. Here is a great and big roundup for my “What with my Cuppa” event, which is a brain child of Nupur. Thanks to all who sent delicious entries and thanks to Nupur for the great series.. Let me know if I have missed anyone.

Lentil Vada, Badusha, Stuffed Masala Bun, Spicy Garlic Pull Apart Bread, Ela Ada, Eggless Oats Almonds Cookies

1 - Lentil2 - Badusha3 - Stuffed Masala Bun4 - Spicy Garlic Pull Apart Bread5 - Ela Ada6 - Eggless Oats Almonds Cookies

Nutella stuffed eggless french toast hearts, Masala cone, Spicy braided puff, Veg puff, No Bake Pineapple cheesecake

10 - Nutella stuffed Eggless French toast hearts11 - Masala Cone12 - Spicy Corn Braided Puff13 - Vegetable Puffs14 - No bake Pineapple cheesecake

Sandwich Dhokla, Methi na Dhebra, Baked Samosa Rolls, Ragi Pakoda, Oats Biscuit

15 - Sandwich Dhokla16 - Methi na Dhebra17 - Baked Samosa Rolls18 - Ragi Vadai19 - Oats Biscuits

Kanda Batata Poha, Simple Bread Sandwich, Royal short bread cookie, Heart beet whoopie pie cake, Crunchy Cornflake Cake

20 - Kanda Batata Poha21 - Simple Bread Sandwich22 - Royal short bread cookies23 - Heart beet whoopie pie cake24 - Crunchy Cornflake Cake

Eggless chocochip cookies, Mexican Pizza, Low fat Cumin cookies, Stuffed Chilli Bajji, White Peas Vada

25 - Eggless chocochip cookies26 - Mexican Pizza27 - LOW FAT CUMIN COOKIES28 - Stuffed Chilli Bajji29 - White Peas Vada

Easy Eggless Chocolate Cupcake, Spicy corn kachori, Cheese Pennies, Choco Chip Muffins, Vegetable Momo

30 - Easy Eggless Chocolate Cupcake31 - Spicy corn kachori32 - Cheese Pennies33 - Choco Chip Muffins34 - Vegetable Momo

Sweet corn chaat, Coconut cake with simple cream frosting, Banana pancakes, Carrot-capsicum uttapam, Vegetable Rolls

35 - Sweet corn chaat36 - Coconut cake with simple cream frosting37 - Banana pancakes38 - Carrot Uthappam39 - Vegetable Rolls

Aloo Bonda, Broccoli Fritters, Vegetable Sandwich, Tricolor Fried Rava Idli, Rajasthani Mirchi Bada , Sabudana Vada  

40 - Aloo Bonda41 - Broccoli Fritters42 - Vegetable Sandwich43 - Tricolor Fried Rava Idli44 - Rajasthani Mirchi Bada45 - Sabudana Vada

Sweet Bread Balls, Eggless Chocolate Molten Lava Cake, yellow pumpkin cutlets, Eggless Ragi Dark Chocolate Mug Cake, MInt Masala vadai

46 - Sweet Bread Balls47 - Eggless Chocolate Molten Lava Cake48 - yellow pumpkin cutlets49 - Eggless Ragi Dark Chocolate Mug Cake50 - MInt Masala vadai

Eggless French Toast, Desi Toast, Spinach Pakoda, Aloo Matar Paratha, Plantain fritters, Vanilla Biscuits

51 - Eggless French Toast52 - Desi Toast53 - Spinach Pakoda54 - Aloo Matar Paratha55 - Banana fritters57 - Vanilla Biscuits - HAS EGGS

Roasted Potato with garlic Sandwich, Dudhi na muthiya, Tuver lilva potli, Seven layer puri, Cinnamon Rolls, Crispy Bitter Gourd Fries

058 - Dudhi na muthiya59 - Tuver lilva potli60 - Seven layer puri61 - Cinnamom Rollsstep7[1]

Stuffed Garlic Bread - Dominos Style, Croissant - Buttery and Flaky and Homemade, MedhuPokoda, Falafel, Masala Pori 

63 - Stuffed Garlic Bread - Dominos Style64 - Croissant - Buttery and Flaky and Homemade65 - MedhuPokoda66 - Falafel -Middle Eastern Dish67 - Masala Pori

Banana Ube Quinoa Muffins, Raspberry Pancake, Peanut Butter & Banana Pancake, Quesadilla, Trinidadian Pholourie, Chocolate chip cookies

68 - Banana Ube Quinoa Muffins69 - Raspberry Pancake70 - Peanut butter Banana Pancake71 - Sweet peppers Apple Quesadilla72 - Trinidadian Pholourie73 - Chocolate-chip cookies

Sambusac, Gnocchi (Eggless), Nutella Peanut Butter mug cake, Bread Roll, Kerala Payam pori

74 - Sambusac75 - Gnocchi- Eggless version76 - Nutella Peanut Butter Mug Cake77 - Bread Roll78 - Kerala Payam Pori

Steamed Methi muthiya, Coconut Cookies, Cottage Cheese Balls, White bean and greens burger, Classic Croissant

79 - Steamed Methi Muthiya or dumplings80 - Coconut Cookies81 - Cottage Cheese Balls82 - White bean and greens burger83 - Classic Croissants

Biscuit Mushroom, Tomato Uthappam, Nutrella Soya Fritters, Chobey ki poori, Onion & Green Chilli Uthappam

84 - BISCUIT MUSHROOM85 - Tomato Uthappam86 - Nutrella Fritters87 - Chobey ki poori88 - Onion Green Chilli Uthappam

Eggless Chocolate Cake - no butter no eggs, Caramelized onion tarts, Mushroom 65, Rava Dhokla , Hershey's Perfect Chocolate Cake Egg-Less

89 - Eggless Chocolate Cake90 - Caramelized Onion Tarts91 - Mushroom 6592 - Rava Dhokla with flavors of coriander and garlic93 - Chocolate Cake Egg-less

French dosa toast, Rava corn dhokla, Marbled chocolate banana cake, Uddin Vada, Egg less Choco Cake

94 - French Dosa toast95 - Rava corn dhokla96 - Marbled chocolate banana cake97 - Uddin Vada98 - Egg less Choco Cake

Home made munchkins, Evening Buns, Wholegrain carrot Cake, Spinach-Chickpea stuffed Buns, Honey Oats Quick Bread

99 - Home Made Munchkins using Biscuits100 - Evening Buns101 - Wholegrain Carrot Cake102 - Spinach Chickpea stuffed buns103 - Honey Oats Quick Bread

Oatmeal Raisin Lace cookies, Guacamole Sandwich , Parippuvada, Poee - Indian Pita, Chocolate Lemon cup cakes

104 - Oatmeal Raisin Lace cookies - has eggs105 - Guacamole Sandwich106 - Parippuvada - Baked107 - Poee108 - Chocolate Lemon cup cakes  - has eggs

Corn kachori, Pepper Murukku, Soya chunk Cheese balls, Crumpets, Chickpea Halwa

109 - Corn Kachori110 - Pepper Murukku111 - Soya chunk-Cheese Balls112 - crumpets113 - Chickpea Halwa

Carrot and Cottage Cheese Sandwich, ChocolateCupcakes, Spicy mushroom cheese sandwich, Veg-Noodle Spring Rolls, Mushroom masala Vadai

114 - Carrot Panner Sandwich115 - Chocolate Cupcakes - HAS EGGS116 - Spicy Mushroom Cheese Sandwich118 - Veg-Noodle Spring Rolls119 - Mushroom Maasala Vadai

wheat bread pizza, Potato Sandwich, Podi Rolls, Omani Halwa with Bread Sandwich, Vegetable momos, Potato Cutlet

120 - Wheat Bread pizza121 - Potato sandwich122 - Podi Rolls123 - omani halva with bread124 - Vegetable Momos125 - Aloo Tikki

Jamaican Banana Fritters, Drumstick leaves Vada, Eggless Tutti Frutti Shortbread Cookies, Potato Murukku, Masala Papad

126 - Jamaican Banana Fritters127 - Murungai Kera Vadai128 - Eggless Tutti Frutti Shortbread Cookies129 - Potato Murukku130 - Masala Papad

Falafel, Buns (Paav ), Channa with Taco seasoning, Mangalore Bonda, open torta wedges, VAZHAIPOO VADAI, COCONUT OATMEAL COOKIES, Nutella & Banana sandwich

131 - Falafel136 - Buns137 - Channa with a Mexican taco seasoning138 - Mangalore Bonda142 - Nutella Banana sandwich

Multigrain bread, Baked Curry Puffs, KARA SEV, Dark Chocolate and Strawberry Panna cotta, Shakargandhi-ki-Chaat

143 - Multigrain bread144 - Baked Curry Puffs145 - KARA SEV146 - Dark Chocolate and Strawberry Panna cotta - HAS GELATIN147 - Shakargandhi

Thanks again to all who sent delicious entries..


  1. that's a really exhaustive list...

  2. Funny, how we would not have thought there were so many options until this...Thanks for hosting.

  3. Thank you for hosting this Swomya.. Amazing Round up you have summed up :)

  4. what a fantastic round up.good job.

  5. Oh my God......my eyes also feeling hungry.....

  6. Amazing round up !!!


  7. Thank you very much for lovely round up.

  8. What to prepare for snacks is always a question for me !! Now no need to think .. just visit Soumya's roundup page and we will get so many of them !!! :) Awesome roundup..


  9. Wow!! its a great list of delicious items! :)



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