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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vella Seedai–Krishna Jayanthi Recipes–With Step wise Pictures

Krishna Jayanthi / Janmashtami / Sri Jayanthi / Gokulashtami is a festival celebrated as the birthday for Lord Krishna.. This year it comes on August 28th and lots of sweets and snacks are prepared for this festival. Seedai is a festive dish done during Janmastami or Krishna Jayanti. This is very popular in South India. It is made with rice flour and jaggery. It is very crispy and little hard like a chikki but tastes awesome!!. It is very delicious and mouthwatering.

Jaggery – ¾ cup - 1 cup
Rice flour – 1 cup
Water – 1 cup
Coconut (cut into thin pieces) – ½ cup
Cardamom – 3 (powdered)
Edible Camphor – A pinch (optional)
Kadalai Parupu / Channa Dal – 2 table spoons
Butter – 1 table spoon (optional - exclude for vegan version)
Oil – to fry
Ulutham Maavu / Urad Dal Flour – 1 table spoon
Dry roast the channa dal and set aside
Roast the rice flour until lightly colored...
Heat water in a pan and add the jaggery and mix until it dissolves. Filter it to remove any impurities
Bring the jaggery to a boil and add coconut pieces, cardamom and edible camphor
Once all well mixed, add the rice flour and stir to combine and remove from heat
Once little warm to touch, add ulutham maavu and butter and mix the mixture well
Make it into small balls (1 inch round) and keep aside – Ensure there are no (or very less) cracks and it is smooth
Heat oil in a pan and once little hot (balls should not come up quickly) add the jaggery balls and fry in oil
Once all sides are well done, remove from oil to paper towel to drain excess oil
Vella seedai is now ready for neivedhiyam
Note - It will darken a little more even after it is removed from the hot oil…

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  1. very new to me but sounds interesting.

  2. wow wow vella seedai looks super deliicous and crunchy :) loving it dear :)

  3. Awesome and wholesome seedais. Wonderful preparation.

  4. Love to munch some rite now,wish i get some..Vella seedais are my favourite.


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