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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Roundup of Only–Diwali Treats

Here is a delicious roundup of Diwali Treats. Thanks to all who sent delicious entries and thanks to Pari for letting me host her event. Let me know if I have missed anyone by mistake. The event comes with a giveaway sponsored by www.tarladalal.com will be a cookbook.  Please click on the recipe name to go to the recipe.
Moong dal Mini Samosas, Mohanthal, Coconut Rice Pudding, Coconut Burfi
1 - Moong Dal Samosa2 - Mohanthal3 - Brazilian Coconut Rice Pudding4 - Thengai Burfi
Microwave Mysore Pak, Alu bhujiya sev, Ribbon pakoda, Maavu urundai
5 - Microwave Mysorepak6 - Aloo Bhujia Sev7 - Ribbon Pakoda8 - Maavu Urundai
Kaju Katli, Kala jamun, Pasiparuppu Urundai, Ribbon Pakoda
9 - Kaju Katili10 - Kala Jamun17 - Pasiparuppu Urundai18 - Ribbon Murukku
Wheat Laddo, googras, santra basundi, Mixed Nuts Burfi
19 - Wheat Flour Laddo20 - Googras21 - Santra Basundi22 - Mixed Nuts Burfi
Besan Ladoo, Vella paniyaram, Colored Shira, mirchi bajji
23 - Besan Ladoo24 - Vella Paniyaram25 - Colored Shira26 - Mirchi Bajji
Carrot PayasamMoong Dal Laddu, Atte ka Laddu, pineapple kesari
27 - Carrot Payasam28 - Moong Dal Laddu29 - Wheat Flour Laddu30 - Pineapple Kesari
Boost Fudge, Kalmi Vada, Ada pradhaman, Ragi-Moong dal murukku
31 - Boost Fudge32 - Kalmi Vada33 - Ada pradhaman34 - Ragi-Moong dal murukku
Barley Sweet Pongal, Chocolate Peda, Poori and rajma gravy, bisibelabath
37 - Barley Sweet Pongal38 - Chocolate Peda39 - Poori and rajma gravy40 - bisibelabath
aval ladoo, Malpua, Naturally coloured Rasgullas, Chapathi ladoo
41 - aval ladoo42 - Malpua43 - Naturally coloured Rasgullas44 - Churma Ladoo
Choco Marie Triangles, Chatti Pathiri, Patra, Sweet corn pudding
45 - Choco Marie Triangles46 - Chatti Pathiri47 - PATHRODE48 - Sweet corn pudding
Chocolate oats laddoo, Baked Mawa Gujiya, Pineapple Halwa, Coco-Coconut fudge
cookingwithpoorni.blogspot.in50 - Baked Mawa Gujiya51 - Pineapple Halwa52 - Coco-Coconut fudge
coconut chocolate, Seasoned Patra
54 - Coconut Chocolate55 - SEASONED PATRA
Thanks again to all who sent their delicious entries!!! Winners will be announced on Pari’s blog.
Please do send more entries to the on going event on my blog -
Kid’s delight – Indian Festival Sweets in 1 Hour


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