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Monday, April 13, 2015

Baked Potato–Breakfast Recipes

Have you ever wanted to eat something hot without cooking??? Hmmm I would love that.. To a lazy person like me, if I can get super hot, savory breakfast without much work, I am all excited.. So here comes that recipe.. This is also a very famous breakfast on the menu in US. I did not add any cheese (which is usually added) here, but feel free to add to your preference and taste..
IMG_5082Baked Potato2 - IMG_5081
IngredientsRusset Potato / Baker Potato – 1
Salt – A pinch + ¼ tea spoon
Oil – ½ tea spoon
Seasoning – ¼ tea spoon
Fresh ground pepper – ¼ tea spoon
Butter – 1 tea spoon
MethodEnsure that the first tray of the oven is in the 3rd row and keep one baking tray on the oven tray under it to take in any drippings
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees f
Poke the potato with a fork from all sides (around 30 holes) and polish the potato with the oil until all the potato is well greased
Put a pinch of salt on the potato all over it and keep the potato (as is and not on any tray) on the 3rd rack of the oven and bake for 60 minutes
Remove the potato from the oven to the cutting board, poke about 16 holes on the potato top side with a fork
Push the ends of the potato with the gloved hands like pressing them inside from the 2 ends, this will open crack the potato from top
Remove the potato from the skin with a spoon to a serving bowl. You can also serve with the skin (actually skin is very crispy and tasty)
Add butter, salt and seasonings to this and serve hot



  1. This is a favourite in our house also... But I never thought of posting it for the BM series... Good idea sowmya...

  2. Potatoes in any form are welcome. Love this version and would love to have some.

  3. Some sour cream and chives sprinkled over the top and it would be delicious.

  4. Yummy. Potatoes in all forms are inviting. :)

  5. I guess we can not go wrong with potatoes no matter how it is cooked. It is such a versatile vegetable.

  6. yummy i survived on these for days to months...reminds me of those days

  7. I would love to eat a nice hot meal without having to slog in front of the stove! This looks so good Sowmya!!

  8. My daughter's favourite, baked potatoes makes a filling meal..

  9. Good one! This is my daughter's all time fav!!

  10. This russet potatoes are great. I love this baked russet with cottage cheese and sour cream. This one is great too

  11. Jacket potatoes with toppings is an easy to prepare meal.

  12. Looks very tempting and inviting!! A simple vegetable with right seasoning makes a perfect meal!! :)

  13. Love this simple and versatile dish.

  14. I love potatoes in any form. This looks like an easy breezy method to make delicious potatoes..

  15. potatoes welcome in any form.. will make this for a snack rather than breakfast here..

  16. Potatoes are always welcome in my house in every form and this one looks super delicious


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