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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Grapes Jam–without Pectin

Today we are seeing a dish that is popular in all parts of the world.. The very humble – Jam!! I have started making jam in the last few years and every time I see loads of fruit, the first dish that comes to my mind is Jam!!! I have made many varieties of Jam but most of them uses Pectin to make the jam. Now this recipe is a Jam recipe that does not use Pectin, but gets the help from the pectin that is naturally in the grapes.. So this jam uses only 2 ingredients and gives you a beautiful jam with no pectin, no food color, no artificial preservatives and no essence also.. Trust me you get the bursting flavor of grapes and the beautiful color naturally… Although Jam is popular in many parts of the world, it is mainly used in English Breakfast – Bread and Jam.




Grapes - 2 kg (with seeds)
Sugar - 3 1/2 cups
Salt - A pinch

Wash the grapes well and remove the stems
Take 2 bowls and in one bowl, press the grapes and this will separate the skin
Squeeze hard to remove as much juice as possible
Put the juice and pulp in one bowl and the skin in another. Do not throw the skin, we need it. The entire 2 kg took me around 35 - 40 minutes to be done.
Once all the grapes are done, add it to a pan and cook on medium heat for about 20 - 26 minutes until it becomes little thick and the seeds are separated (you can see them floating on top)
Have a bowl with a sieve on top and pour the grapes mixture over the sieve and press it with a wooden spoon.
This removes all the seeds separately and we get the pulp
Add the pulp to the pan again and cook for around 5 minutes. Now this will be little pinkish in color
Add the grapes skin and you will notice the color changing to a beautiful dark purple color. Very eye appealing
Cook on medium flame (stirring quite often) for about 5 - 8 minutes when you see that it has become quite thick
Switch off the flame or reduce it to the lowest and add the sugar
Add 3 cups of sugar and do a taste test to see if you need more. Add according to preference. I added 3 1/2 cups of sugar
Slowly stir and cook for another 5 - 6 minutes or until it reaches the jam consistency
Switch off the flame and the jam is done!!


Points to note
1. It is best to remove the pulp and the skin  and not grind everything in a food processor as you will loose the skin also while filtering, which provides a beautiful color and texture
2. Add sugar as per need. Do check for taste. Too much or too little will taste wrong
3. You do not need any added food color or flavor for this one
4. Adding a pinch of salt enhances the flavor
5. Ways to test consistency
5.1. The jam should be of single thread consistency. A drop of jam when touched with your index finger and the thumb will pull one thread.
5.2. You could also use a candy thermometer and the temperature should measure 220 degrees F (104 degrees C)
5.3. Keep a plate in the freezer for 5 minutes. Add a drop of the jam to the plate and refrigerate for a few seconds. After few seconds, if the drop does not disintegrate, then the jam is ready. If it is watery, you need to cook more. I used this method this time.
5.4. When a clean spoon is inserted and you try to drop, then jam will drop like a sheet and not flow as drops.

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  1. so inviting grapes jam.. i liked the color very much.. thanks for sharing this! gonna try this for sure :)

  2. beautiful color !..I must try these jams now, they look very temting.

  3. I too had quick jam on my list but did not know which country to put it under and removed it. Will post it later. No pectin jam has come out well. Nice recipe.

  4. You have mastered in making jams at home.

  5. I can simply start my day with this pectin free jam, love the deep colour of this jam.

  6. Ditto Usha. I have a jam recipe ready but wasn't sure about the country and left it aside :) Lovely colored jam!

  7. Wow I make instant jams, though never tried it with grape..beautiful colour!

  8. Wow..It looks like store brought ones.Well made..You have nailed the recipe..Looks delicious.

  9. Never tried grapes jam. It looks just like the one from the jar. Perfect. Will try some time.

  10. My son loves grape jam and so that is one jam I always buy. Yours look exactly like the store bought one. Superb.

  11. You reminded me of this jam I made long a go. Must make it again now. Yum post.


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