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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Roundup of SYF & HWS - Ginger

I was skeptical about the number of recipes I would be getting for SYF & HWS – Ginger event, but I am excited to have received very flavorful and delicious Ginger recipes. I would like to thank Anu again for this opportunity!! Here is a great roundup and click on the drool worthy pictures to take you to the recipe!!!
1 - Broccoli and Paneer Balls2 - Methi na Dhebra3 - Navratna Korma4 - Puli Inji5 - Chole Tikki Chat6 - Methi Aloo with Soya Granules7 - Palak Channa8 - Dal Fry9 - Bhindi Do Pyaaza10 - Hyderabadi Khatti Dal11 - Tomato chutney12 - Simple Potato-tomato curry13 - Medu Vada14 - Bread Pakora15 - sesame seed chutney16 - Peanut rice17 - Sweet & Spicy Baked Tofu - Asian Style18 - Sandwich Dhokla19 - Ginger Candy20 - Mahabaleshwar Channa21 - Stained glass ginger cookies22 - Yellow Mung dal with Dill23 - Simple Gujarati Thali24 - Ginger Chutney25 - Quick Ginger Bread Cookies26 - Medu Vadai27 - Tomato Dosai28 - Wheat Rava Pulao29 - Panagam30 - GINGER RASAM31 - GINGER PICKLE32 - Chana Dal with Zuchinni33 - Bok Choy Fried Rice34 - Saag Puri
Thanks to all who sent your delicious entries!!!


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