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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kid’s Delight–Sweet Treats!!

Most of us cook for our family and our choices and recipes are based on what our family likes. If you are like me, who never did any cooking before marriage and all your learning started after marriage, then you would done a lot of trial and errors and the first criticism and appreciation would have come from our hubby. And the kids who are soooooo picky. I know most moms complain that their kids are very picky eaters. My daughter is also the same. She is so picky that she will not even try it if it does not look appealing (not just garnish, but should look like some professionally decorated!!!) and then she will not eat the same thing (even if she loves it) more than 3 times in a MONTH!!! I can just go on… So I need to think so much to make her eat. If we moms could have a BIG LIST of kid friendly dishes that would be a boon.. So let us have all such kid friendly recipes in one place and the theme I have chosen is very easy - Sweet treats!!! Thanks to Valli for letting me guest host her event for this month.
Kids delight
Event Details
Event runs from May 16th to June 15th. Theme is Sweet treats. Dishes can be anything from traditional Indian sweet to International cakes, bakes, to Ice creams to Juices. They should be sweet.
Vegetarian recipes only. NO EGGS allowed.
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Feel free to send as many entries. More the merrier. Archived entries are allowed as long as they mention about this event announcement page and Valli's Announcement page and the logo is added.
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  1. Sounds interesting!! Thanks for giving this opportunity :)

  2. Thanks Sowmya I am follwing you in google+ and sending one of my recipe. Happy cooking.


  3. Hi Sowmya,
    I linked my kid friendly Ragi Cookies..I done naming mistake.. can you please correct it @ back end as "Ragi Cookies" rather than "lucky"

  4. Thanks for hosting this Kids' friendly version as they are our all time critics to encourage us to innovate more!!

  5. Hey Sowmya.. Linked in my first entry - Mango Milkshake.. Happy hosting dear :-)

  6. interesting event...will link my entries soon:)

  7. hi soumya,
    have linked 2 of my entries


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