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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Foodabulous–Krishna Jayanthi, Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan

"Foodabulous Fest" is origin from (food +fabulous + festivals) where we can prepare fabulous food for specific festivals and special days to celebrate. It’s a monthly series which celebrate every month with monthly festivals and special day. Although so many festivals are there, the theme I have chosen is Krishna Jayanthi (Janamashtami), Independence day and Raksha Bandhan In August month, there are number of festivals which celebrate in India. Here is list of some festivals and special days which celebrate in August. Independence day is national day which celebrate all over India but there are so many other fest are too for different regions like Rakhi, Teej, Janamashtami for Hindu community, Parsi New Year for Parisian and Id for Muslim and friendship day as special day for youth or adults both. Here are some of the festivals I have mentioned:
Date Fest Date Fest
4 Friendship Day 8 Id-ul-Fitr
9-10 Teej 11 Naag Panchami
15 Independence Day 18 Parsi New Year
20 Raksha Bandhan/Rakhi 28 Krishna Janamashtami
Rules for the event:
The event runs through the month of Aug (1st Aug– 31st Aug). Theme chosen is Krishna Jayanthi (Janamashtami), Independence day and Raksha Bandhan. Please send any recipes that are suitable for the above festivals.. Any course of meal but related to theme. Only vegetarian recipes are allowed (EGGFREE please). Use linky tools to enter your recipes at the end of post You have to follow Simply TADKA via GFC and Facebook. No archives please, only fresh entries can add during the month of Aug. Usage of logo is compulsory; The post must to be linked with Foodabulous Fest Event page and my event page. it’s compulsory. In case you have a problem using linky tool or you are a non-blogger, you can send the details to nivedhanams@gmail.com in the following format using subject line of Foodabulous Fest- Celebrate Aug Series. You’re Name, Email- id, Blog Name, Blog URL, Recipe Name, Recipe URL, Picture (not more than 100 KB).  Looking forward for the lots of recipe for Month of Aug’s celebrations, Join us in my Blog Please like us on Facebook and follow us via GFC Entries that do not follow the above rules will be DELETED


  1. Nice announcement..
    Happy Hosting:0

  2. Nice event Sowmya. I submitted Krishna Jayathy recipes& Tortilla soup

  3. Great event. I have a really great recipe, but it's posted in July. Will that be accepted?

    Do link up at my event too:


    1. Sorry Archived posts not accepted... Date has to be in August 2013

  4. Hi Sowmya

    I have linked in my Tri-colour treat for your event - but accidentally liked in Flapjacks as well which was supposed to be for the Healthy Lunch Box - can you kindly delete this from the Foodafabulous Fest? Thank you.

    I am having a giveaway to celebrate my 100th post - do check it out - http://cutchikitchen.com/100th_Post_GiveAway.html


  5. Hi Sowmya

    Gr8 event. Linked my Unniyappam recipe for Krishna Jayanthi.

  6. Hi Sowmya,
    I have included logo to all the entries, I am sorry did not know ti was compulsory...

  7. Whoa, nice menu. !! These dishes can be really tasty as their name seems !! I like Rakshabandhan the most and will surely make one of these dishes for my dear sister.


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