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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Kozhukattai Sundal –Ganesh Chathurthi Recipes

Kozhukattai sundal is a festive Tamil dish prepared during Vinayaka Chathurthi. It takes a lot of time to prepare the balls, but after the rice balls are done, it is a quick process. This is my dish for Vegan Thursdays!!
Ingredients for the maavu (dough):
Rice Flour – 1 cup (No need to roast)
Water - 1 ¼ cup
Salt – ½ tea spoon
Sesame Oil – 2 tea spoon
Ingredients for the sundal:
Salt – ½ tea spoon
Asafetida – 1/8 tea spoon
Curry leaves – 5
Lemon Juice – 1 table spoon
Ulutham Parupu /Urad Dal – 1 table spoon
Mustard Seeds – ½ tea spoon
Sesame oil – 3 table spoons
Coconut – ¼ cup
For Maavu (dough): Heat water in a pan
Add oil and salt to it
Once the water comes to a boil, add the rice flour and blend it well
Stir it continuously till it becomes into a soft dough
Remove from heat and close with a lid and keep aside
For Kozhukattai:Make small balls (very small) – about the size of a caper or uppu seedai with the dough and keep aside. This takes a long time and is the lengthiest step in the entire recipe
Steam cook the balls for 10 minutes
For Sundal:Heat oil in a small pan and add mustard seeds
Once the mustard seeds crackle, add the ulutham parupu, green chili, red chili and asafetida
Add curry leaves and the rice flour balls with salt
Mix all well and cook for a minute
Add lemon juice and coconut and remove from heat and kozhukattai sundal is ready



  1. Very nice recipe Sowmya.. I will try it.

  2. Festival season brings so many delicious posts na? Cute photos

  3. Kozhukattai sundal luks yummy.. Perfect recipe for vinayagar chathurthi..

  4. It's so tempting...lovely traditional recipe

  5. I want that bowl, my kind of sundal.

  6. Those white lil balls look so cute :)

  7. yummy & lovely sandal.........a new recipe for this ganesh chathurthi.

  8. Kozhukattai looks so tender and soft...love it to the core..:)

  9. Perfectly shaped. These looks super delicious...


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