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Friday, September 20, 2013

Basil Pesto Penne Pasta–Pesto Pasta - Guest post for Priya Suresh

I was super excited to be part of  Rendez Vous With A Foodie happening at Priya from Priyas Easy and Tasty Recipes's blog. Priyas blog needs no introduction.. Priya is one of bloggers from whom I have bookmarked so many recipes and also tried some.. It amazes me as to how quick can she be posting recipes for challenges.. She is definitely super fast... She has such a wonderful blog and beautiful recipes with a big variety.. Also the events that she has started are very versatile and amazing. Some to mention are CWS series and Healthy Diet Series. I have hosted both of them and she was always very friendly and great to work with.. Recently she started the Vegan Thursdays group and yes I am part of that too.. For her Rendez Vous With A Foodie series, I am sharing a very flavorful and elegant Pasta.
Pesto Pasta - IMG_9587

Rendez Vous With A Foodie is a beautiful event where Priya showcases newbie bloggers and have a small chit chat with her beautifully drafted questionnaire.. I came to know more about many of my blogger friends in a much better detail with this event.. Would you love to see the chit chat and also the recipe??? Click here to go to Priyas page for it..

I wanted to do an interesting dish with this event and I chose this pasta which is quick and easy to make... Something very special is the flavor and taste of it..

Pasta is an Italian dish which is very popular and there are so many varieties available... I did this with Whole Wheat Penne. Pesto Pasta is pasta made with pesto sauce which is made from basil. It is rich, creamy and quick to make with start and finish taking about 15 minutes. The pesto also has a very fresh flavor from the green leaves. This recipe serves 2 to 3 people. Pesto is an uncooked sauce. I used coriander instead of Parsley. Pesto sauce stored in an airtight container can keep in the refrigerator for a week.
Pesto Pasta - IMG_9591
For the recipe, please visit Priya's blog


  1. Delicious recipe, Nice to know about you...

  2. Thanks a ton for ur kind words Sowmya, also a big thanks for ur guest post, happy that i know more about you from ur replies for my questions, coz you are a mysterious blogger for me till today..


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