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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ulutham Maavu for Bakshanam/ Urad Dal Flour for snacks

Why do a post on flour? Well I have had doubts at least 3 to 4 times about how to do this one.. So I am writing this on my blog, so next time I need to check, I know where to look.. When we do savory snacks at home, we use ulutham maavu and generally it is home made.. So you need to do any South Indian savory items at home, you will need this flour. Amount of this flour required depends on the recipe. I use this flour in Uppu Seedai, Thattai, Murukku etc. This is my post for U - Miscellaneous
Urad Dal / Ulutham Parupu

Dry roast the ulutham parupu until it is golden and lightly brown
Make sure to stir to ensure even coloring
Allow it to cool
Grind it to a powder in a grinder
Sieve it to with a fine sieve get fine powder and re grind the ones that did not go through the sieve
Ulutham Maavu is ready


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  1. helping post thanks to sharing...
    Send your recipes to my
    Ongoing Event:Dish it Out - Coriander Lentils
    Ongoing event- 1st Anniversary winner's choice giveaway

  2. This is a useful post for beginners of South Indian Food like me ! Thanks for sharing

  3. It been doing this ulutham maavu two weeks before diwali for murukkus, very handy flour.

  4. Sowmya can you also mention what and all its used for? That will be also be informative (just a suggestion!) :-) ...

  5. one useful post...i usually by store bought flour this time will try to make it at home...

  6. Very healthy and wholesome looking dal flour.

  7. home made is always best :) very useful post !!

  8. these kind of posts are indeed life savers...helpful for me too

  9. I am sure ths is way better than the store bought version

  10. even after I live demo from Padma I made a mistake:(..we get the split daal...and it surely makes a difference to make this powder...excellent post!

  11. very useful for the upcoming festival season!

  12. useful post and flour in making vada or dosa

  13. Very hand to make this advance with the festive season approaching.Good one Sowmya...

  14. Very useful post. Good to be prepared well in advance

  15. Hat is it used for Sowmya? Its totally new to me.

  16. Very important ingredient in all the snacks and it is good to see a post on this...


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