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Monday, September 23, 2013

Strawberry Jam

What a perfect way to use up the seasonal fruits than Jam.. It is a great idea to make jams from fresh fruit and you can store these jams (canned) throughout the year.. Winter comes and it is strawberry everywhere... They look so pretty with a very beautiful contrast of Dark Pink color with the very fresh green leaves. You want to grab them all from the store, but then how do you use them up without going waste!!! The answer is jam. Some rules about Jam that I follow in my house are - 1. Canning should be done for Jam if it is more than 200 grams quantity. 2. All Jam jars should be labeled about contents, date of preparation. 3. Only clean and moist free spoon should be used to scoop the jam. 4. No artificial colors or preservatives to be added. 5. Spoon that touches bread or anything else will not re enter the jam for another scoop. Use a fresh spoon. This jam is very tasty and has a great flavor and aroma of strawberry. It is also very easy to make. My choice for S - Others / Miscellaneous
Strawberry Jam - IMG_2119
Strawberry – 500 grams
Sugar – ¾ cup (adjust to taste)
Pectin – 1 table spoon
Lemon Juice – 1 table spoon
Strawberry Jam - IMG_2136
MethodCut the strawberry into quarters and set aside
Heat Strawberry, lemon juice and Pectin in a pan
Cook until the strawberry are soft and while cooking, press with the potato masher to make it into very small pieces.
Ensure that strawberry is not a puree as jam should have chunks of fruit in it.
Once the strawberries are well done, add sugar and stir well
Cook this mixture until it is in a rolling boil for 2 minutes. Rolling boil means – a boil which does not go away even after stirring heavily.
This took around 20 minutes total cooking from when we started the strawberry on stove.
Remove the jam and transfer them to a clean and sterilized jars.
Strawberry Jam - IMG_2130
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  1. I love homemade jams and jellies! Love the bright and vibrant color...Adding pectin does makes the cooking time much less and the texture is great...

  2. Strawberry jam is what I pick up most in supermarkets, after mixed fruit jam - of course! Wish we had enough strawberries here to make it!!

  3. Love that bright and catchy jam, homemades are always the best.

  4. Jam looks so nice. And homemade stuffs are definitely the best!!

  5. The colour calls out!..looks so good Sowmya..I am yet to try out jams..should try them sometime..

  6. Home made are always a hit ! Lovely recipe ..

  7. Jam is always welcomed for my breakfast... this is a good one

  8. wow loving the attractive color of this delicious jam :) looks so yummy !!

  9. beautiful click and loved the jam recipe

  10. That's a vibrant colored, yummy jam.

  11. that is a rich vibrant jam..have yet to try my hands on these preserves.

  12. Love the variation of Jam, strawberry jam is my fav and love the color too.

  13. Love the jam Soumya...you are tempting me to make now:-)

  14. Homemade jams are always better. Love that lovely pink color..

  15. The colour of jam is so bright and it looks so delicious...

  16. Wow what a beautiful Jam. Love the colours here.

  17. OMG you have so many varieties of jam, they all look delicious.Strawberry is one of my favorite jams .Thankyou for sending it to lets cook preserves, jams and chutneys event at simply.food


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