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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Jowar Roti / Cholam Roti / Sorghum Roti

Jowar Roti is a healthy and nutritious roti. You can serve this with any choice of side dish. I served it with tomato onion veg!! This is a great recipe to include millets in your diet as it is easy to do and also very tasty. This is my third choice for this week’s BM – Millets.

Jowar Ki Roti - IMG_2359


Jowar Flour - 1 1/2 cups
Hot Water - 3/4 cup
Salt - A pinch
Omam / Ajwain - A pinch
Oil - 1 tea spoon + 1/2 tea spoon per roti


Mix together jowar flour, salt and omam well.
Add hot water and mix it with a spoon first and then use your hand to make it to a soft dough
Add a tea spoon of oil and coat it well and keep it aside covered for 15 minutes
Use a rolling pin to roll it to a small disc (5 - 6 inches) and cook it on the tawa
When one side is cooked, flip it and apply 1/4 tea spoon oil and flip.
Add 1/4 tea spoon oil to the other cooked side also
Once both the sides have golden brown spots and are well cooked, remove from heat
Keep it in a hot case covered until you finish the remaining dough and also until it is served!!

Jowar Ki Roti - IMG_2364

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  1. My aunt make these quite often and in recent years even my mom has started eating them for dinner.

  2. Delicious and healthy looking rotis. Wonderfully prepared.

  3. You made them so well..I guess binding with warm water is important.

  4. This is one of the dishes that needs lot of practice and patience. Yours came out perfect.

  5. Excellent nutritious roti, serve me with some onion chutney, can have it anytime.

  6. wow thats a very healthy roti :) you have made them perfect , I wud love to finish them some spicy curry :)

  7. i've never used jowar flour. looks good!

  8. We often make this for dinner ..so healthy..

  9. I find it very difficult and messy to prepare this rotis .. in the end..they taste so delish worth all that effort..


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