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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Grape Juice–Summer Recipes

One of the easiest and quickest way to get fruits into us is in the form of juice. But when we use the store bought ones, it has the obvious issues of not being fresh, contains preservatives etc.. I always prefer grapes with seed but the issue is the process is longer than the seedless ones.. It is very important to use the skin of the grapes here to get the maximum benefit. I have used honey here, but you can use all sugar also.. This stays good as a concentrate for about a week.. Did not try for longer period as it got over by then…



Grapes - 1 kg
Sugar - 1 cup (adjust to taste and sweetness of grapes)
Honey - 1/2 cup


Remove the seeds of the grapes
Put the grapes, sugar and honey in a blender and blend it.
Strain it with a strainer and your juice concentrate is ready

Generally you will need 1/3rd concentrate and remaining water or soda.
Store the concentrate in a bottle for a week or so in fridge
When ready to serve, dilute the concentrate with water or soda and serve chilled!!


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  1. Juice is just perfect for summer. Nice pictures, Sowmya

  2. lovely lovely colour there, Sowmya !

  3. Grape juice with homemade concentrate is so much better than the store bought ones. Love the color of the juice.

  4. Your clicks itself is torturing me... super refresing drink.

  5. Home made juices are the best!


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