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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Shemai Custard / Semiya Payasam / Vermicelli Kheer

Some recipes are similar so much across many countries and today we are going to be seeing one such recipe.. I am talking about Shemai Custard which is soooo similar to the Semiya payasam we do in India.. It is a kheer or custard or payasam made with vermicelli also known as Semiya. It can be served for breakfast as it has all in one from milk to sweetness to the vermicelli.. It also graces any occasion and is very simple to make. It can be served both hot and cold.



Semiya or Vermicelli – ½ cup
Milk – 2 cups
Cashew – 2 tea spoons
Raisins – 2 tea spoons
Cardamom Powder – ½ tea spoon
Ghee – 2 tea spoons
Sugar – 3/4 cups (adjust to taste)


Heat a pan and add 1 tea spoon of ghee
Add the semiya and roast it till it becomes clear or slightly changes color
Add milk and allow this to cook on a slow flame for about 15-18 minutes.
Stir once every 30 seconds
After 18 minutes (or when the semiya is well boiled) switch off the flame and allow it to cool for 2 minutes
Once cooled, Add sugar and stir well.
Heat another small pan and add 1 tea spoon of ghee
Add cashew to the ghee and fry till the cashew is golden brown
Add raisins to the cashew and sauté for a minute
Add the raisins and cashew fry to the Payasam
Add the cardamom powder to the payasam
Switch on the flame for the payasam and heat for 2 minutes
Shemai Custard / Semiya or Vermicelli Payasam is now ready to be served hot

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  1. Seviyan payasam sounds so rich and looks so yummy.

  2. Omg, give me that bowl, payasam looks simply out of the world Sowmya.

  3. Delicious to the core...I guess you have used the thicker version of vermicilli...love it with all those nuts..simple fantastic

  4. Wow I won't mind having this for breakfast..:)

  5. Never had this as breakfast.Good to know. Creamy Semiya payasam.

  6. Creamy & delicious semya payasam. Looks awesome.

  7. I am so tempted to make this right now. Love it to bits.

  8. This is one of those sweets one can't go wrong. Looks creamy and delicious


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