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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Roundup of Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids–Combo Meals

Hi All,
I am so happy to have received so many entries - 119 lovely entries for my guest host event “Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids – Combo Meals”. Thanks all for your lovely entries and thanks to Nithu for giving me this opportunity. Here is a yummy roundup. So many combinations and varieties and I am grouping them by blogger. I hope I have included everybody, please let me know if I have missed anyone!! One of our friend blogger has contributed the maximum number of recipes and she wins the “Winner of the Month” which comes with a badge that you can be proudly put up on the blog!!! For details – please see below!!!

from Foodmazaa - Dal - Pakwan – Seero, Instant Rava Dosa, Soya Keema, Rajma – Rice, Butter Paneer, Instant Mini Idlis with Sambar, Sindhi Pulao with Chana Dal, Pumpkin Curry with Rice, Cardamom flavoured khichdi with sai Bhaji (Sindhi), Vegetable Pulao with Fried Potatoes, Curd Rice with Beans Poriyal, Moong Dal Rasam & Rice, Vegetable & Oats Stew with Dinner Rolls, Pav Bhaji, Seyun Patata, Makki Ki Roti & Saag, Sukhe Baigan with Chettinad Masala, Quinoa Pulao with Sukhe Aloo, Basara Mei Bhindi patata ( Sindhi Aloo Bhindi sabzi), Masala Dosa, Medu Wada with sambar & Chutney, Pongal and Chutney, Green Peas Pulao, Instant Uthappam, Quinoa Rotis, Cauliflower Stalks With Veg Fried Rice, Moong Dal Palak with Rotis, karela Stir-fry, Paneer Capsicum Paratha, Cauliflower Brocolli Green Peas Sabzi, Pav Bhaji Wraps, Missi Roti, Vermicelli Upma, Masala Pasta with Garlic Bread, Red Cabbage Sabzi, Malpura – Kadhi Chawal,
9---Dal---Pakwan---Seero_thumb110---Instant-Rava-Dosa_thumb211---Soya-Keema_thumb112---Rajma---Rice_thumb113---Butter-Paneer_thumb114---Instant-Mini-Idlis-with-Sambar_15---Sindhi-Pulao-with-Chana-Dal_thu16---Pumpkin-Curry-with-Rice_thumb217---Cardamom-flavoured-khichdi-with18---Vegetable-Pulao-with-Fried-Pota[1]19---Curd-Rice-with-Beans-Poriyal_th25---Moong-Dal-Rasam-w-Rice_thumb126---Vegetable-Oats-Stew-with-Dinner[2]27---Pav-Bhaji_thumb128---Seyun-Patata_thumb229---Makki-Ki-Roti-Saag_thumb133---SUKHE-BAIGAN-WITH-CHETTINAD-MAS[2]45---Quinoa-Pulao-with-Sukhe-Aloo_th49---Basara-mei-Bhindi-Patata-_thumb50---Masala-Dosa_thumb151---Medu-Wada-with-sambar--Chutney_61---PONGAL_thumb164---Green-Peas-Pulao_thumb265---INSTANT-UTTAPPAM_thumb168-----Quinoa-Rotis_thumb181---Cauliflower-Stalks-With-Veg-Fri[2]82---Moong-Dal-Palak-with-Rotis_thum83---karela-Stir-fry_thumb184---PANEER-CAPSICUM-PARATHA_thumb186---CAULIFLOWER-BROCCOLI-GREEN-PEAS88---PAV-BHAJI-WRAPS_thumb1106---MISSI-ROTI_thumb1 107 - Vermicelli Upma 114 - Masala Pasta123 - Red Cabbage sabzi010[1]
from Sara's TASTY BUDS - 7 Taste uthappam, sandhavi Thengaipal, vegetable kara uthappam, Instant finger millet dosa, Channa Pulao, Ven pongal, carrot Rice, Yogurt rice, vegetable briyani, arisiumparuppu sadham, Lemon sandhavai, Lemon rice, Egg plant rice, Jeera rice, Coconut Rice, Peas pulov, Palak ( spinach ) panner rice
20 - Pumpkin Porial21 - Pumpkin Bitter Gourd Sambar70 - Mini Idli Sambar71 - Vada Bread72 - Idli Sambar78 - Kanjipuram Idli89 - Appam with Cardamom Coconut Milk112 - Chickpeas Curry with Soft Chappathi116 - Atta sweetcorn kuzipaniyaram117 - Mint Pulav118 - Curd Rice119 - Veg Ghee Rice120 - Gujarathi Puri with Ajwain121 - Leftover Cooked Rice Pongal122 - Corn Carrot Gujiya
from Foods from My Kitchen - Luchi & Split Peas with Spinach-Tomato, Spring-Onion-Roti with Saffron-Bottle Gourd, Stuffed Sweet Roti, Apple Pies, Spinach Khichdi
47 - Luchi & Split Peas with Spinach-Tomato48 - Spring-Onion-Roti with Saffron-Bottle Gourd52 - Stuffed Sweet Roti67 - Apple Pies87 - Spinach Khichdi
from My Healthy Happy Kitchen - Idiyaappam Firni, Mushroom kurma with Soft chappathi, Tawa Naan & Butter Mutter Paneer, Idli Dip in Moong Dal Shallots Sambar, Tarka Dal & Beetroot Poriyal
from Ghar Ka Khana - Gobhi Ke Paranthe, Vegetable Fried Rice, Vegetable Chowmein, Jhatpat Vegetable Biryani, Onion Parantha
42---Gobhi-Ke-Paranthe_thumb85---Vegetable-Fried-Rice_thumb102---Vegetable-Chowmein_thumb105---Jhatpat-Vegetable-Biryani_thum 111 - Onion Parantha
from my blog Nivedhanam - Paasi Parupu Paniyaram, Brown Rice Dhokla, Instant Oats Wheat and Corn Idli, Puttu – Arusi Vella Puttu
from Cook Eat Burrp - Burger with Ginger-basil carrot soup, Ambarsari Kulcha, Breakfast Sub, Pasta Salad
from Fork n Folks - Couscous Salad with Veg, Minty Masala Dosa, Pav Bhaji Masala
from Nithu’s Kitchen - Chapathi & Baby Corn Paneer Masala, Chapathi & Dhal
from My Style of Recipes - Oats Dosa, Kuzhai Puttu with green gram sundal
63 - Green gram Dosa and Peanut chutney69 - Vegetable Idly using Red Matta Rice and Easy Sambhar
from Babi’s recipes – Idiyappam, Oats Pongal
124 - Idiyappam125 - Oats Pongal
from Nayanas Kitchen Creations - Besan Dhirde,
from Gaju’s Kitchen - Ven Pongal with Tomato Gothsu
from Life's little treasures - Gujiya / Karanji

from My Cooking Journey - Masala Dosa with Peanut chutney
from My Life & Spice - Spinach soup and breadsticks

from My Mom's recipe - Veggie Breakfast Burritos

from Namak Shamak - Corn and Spinach Paratha

from Ribbons to Pastas – Idli Tikka with Rasam

from Pari Cash - Soya Chaap Sandwich
from From My Rasoi - Cucumber ka chilla
from Tamil's Kitchen - Paneer Curry

from The Mad Scientist's Kitchen - Udmethi

from Food Corner - Chickpeas Salad with Fruits
from Friskycook – Banana Squares
113 - Banana Square
from Nitha's Kitchen - Lettuce Paratha with Peas Gravy
89 - Lettuce Paratha
from Saju's tastes - Carrot Paneer Tikki
from A Homemaker’s diary - LEftover Rice khichri

Appreciate Shobha of Foodmazaa for sending so many yummy recipes to this event. You are the “Winner of the Month”. Please accept the winner badge. Thanks again for all those lovely entries!!

I would like to extend my thanks to all those who participated and sent me these wonderful, delicious and yummy recipes!!! So many recipes to bookmark!!!


  1. Great roundup. 119 entries is a big number sowmya. Kudos to you. Thanks for hosting the event.

  2. Wow ! That's a lovely round up...

  3. So lovely round up.. so many varieties.. 119 entries amazing

  4. Nithu and Sowmya, thank you for a lovely badge... I will display it in my blog... enjoyed participating in the event.
    You have presented the roundup so neatly..

  5. WOW lovely round up ...I missed the chance :-(
    Will participate in your next event for sure !!!
    Today's Recipe
    Raarha Meat

  6. excellent round up.
    Congrats to the winner

  7. Nice round up.Congrats to the winner and all the participants.


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