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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Roundup of Mission : Breakfast

Hereare an array of delicious and various ideas for Breakfast. So thankful to all of you for sending so many entries. I would also like to thank Pallavi and Sheelu for letting me guest host their event series.  Click on each thumbnail to go to the delicious recipe. Here is the delicious roundup of the Breakfast event.
saag puri, Aval (poha) Uppma, Pacha Payar Curry, Ragi Puttu , Kara Chutney,. Poosanikai dosa, Spaghetti with Paneer         
1 - Saag Puri2 - Aval Uppma3 - Pacha Payar Curry4 - Ragi Puttu5 - Kara Chutney6 - Poosanikai dosaPapad Poha ChevdoBarley Adai, Double Decker Paranthe, Paneer Pav Bhaji, Avocado Paratha,
        8 - Papad Poha Chevdo9 - Barley Adai11 - Paneer Pav Bhaji12 - Avocado Paratha
Maggi Stuffed Buns, Tumbler Idli, Tomato Rice Semiya, Ven Pongal, Aval(Poha) Kozhukattai
13 - Maggi Stuffed Bun14 - Tumbler Idli15 - Tomato Rice Semiya16 - Ven Pongal17 - Poha Kolakattai
Inippu paniyaram, Aloo Paratha, Beetroot Pulihora, Rava kichadi, Venn Pongal      
18 - Inippu paniyaram19 - Aloo Paratha20 - Beetroot-Pulihora21 - Rava Kichadi22 - Venn Pongal
Oats Pongal, Vada Pav, Crunchy choclate rolls, Sorghum (Coolam) Dosa, Desi Pizza   
23 - Oats Pongal25 - Vada Pav26 - Crunchy choclate rolls27 - Sorghum Dosa28 - Desi Pizza
Oats Kaara Appam, Instant Oats Idli, Oats Pongal, Oatmeal Pancakes, Bread Upma, Rava Dosai         
29 - Oats Kaara Appam30 - Instant Oats Idli31 - Oats Pongal32 - Oatmeal Pancakes33 - Bread Upma34 - Rava Dosai
Cactus Pineapple Orange Juice, Blackberry Muesli, Kanda Poha, Milaga Dosa, Multigrain Dosai    
35 - Cactus pineapple orange Juice36 - Blackberry Muesli37 - Kanda Poha38 - Milaga Dosa39 - Multigrain Dosa
Quick Dosa, Lemon Aval, Semiya Upma, Onion Rava Dosai, Set dosa, Spiced kuzhi paniyaram       
40 - Quick dosa - with leftover cooked rice41 - Lemon Aval42 - Semiya Upma43 - Onion Rava Dosai44 - Set Dosa45 - Kuzhi paniyaram with mix vegetables
Chapathi with potato masala, Multigrain Pancakes, Sun Dried Tomatoes Onion and Olives Tart , Set dosa with sagu, Sweet and Spicy Soup - under 15 Minutes       
46 - Chapathi with potato masala47 - Multi-grain Pancake48 - Sun Dried Tomatoes Onion and Olives Tart49 - Set dosa with Sagu50 - Sweet and Spicy Soup
Blackberry Breakfast Muffins, Misal Pav, Oats Dosa, Oats Banana Pancake,
Tri color Sandwich
51 - Blackberry Breakfast Muffins53 - Misal pav54 - Oats Dosa55 - Oats Banana Pancake57 - Tri Color Sandwich
Herb and Cheese pull Apart bread, RafeedaSuper healthy soup, Kale Smoothie, Besan Chilla Sandwich         
58 - Herb and Cheese Pull Apart Bread59 - Chakkara Gothambu61 - Super healthy soup62 - Kale Breakfast Smoothie63 - Besan Chilla Sandwich
Moong Sprouts, Couscous UpumaBanana milkshake,Schezwan Vegetable Pasta, Healthy Black Grapes Juice, Spicy Bread Upma            
64 - Moong Sprouts65 - Couscous Upuma67 - Banana Milkshake68 - Schezwan Vegetable Pasta69 - Healthy Black Grapes Juice70 - Spicy Bread Upma
Urad dal stuffed puris, Lemon Semiya, Spinach Quinoa Biscuits, Stuffed Idli, Carrot-Capsicum UttapamChappati Noodles 
71 - Urad dal puris72 - Lemon Semiya72 - Spinach Quinoa Biscuits72 - Stuffed Idli73 - Carrot-Capsicum Uttapam75 - Chappati Noodles
 Masala Dosa, Moong daal kachori, sweet kuzhi paniyaram, sweet lassi, Avocado sandwich       
82 - Masala Dosa83 - Crispy Moong Dal Kachori84 - Kuzhi sweet Paniyaram85 - Sweet Lassi86 - Healthy Avocado sandwich
Pasta Jalfrezi, Kondai kadalai Idly , Protein and Iron reach Paratha, Stuffed Masala Bun , Soyabean Idli, Idli Upma  
86 - Pasta Jalfrezi87 - Kondai kadalai Idly - Chick Pea Idly88 - Protein and Iron reach Paratha90 - Stuffed Masala Bun01
Corn and Spinach Sandwich 
97 - Corn and Spinach Sandwich
Thanks again to all who have sent delicious entries… Let me know if I have missed anyone..


  1. Lovely round up Nivedhanam !!! All the recipes are mouthwatering !!!
    Today's Recipe
    Chocolate Mousse

  2. lovely roundup Sowmya... very well done...

  3. wonderful round up. Each of the preparation is delicious.

  4. Lovely round up, Sowmya.. Lots of amazing dishes..

  5. lovely round up dear, so sorry i some how missed to participate, next time i will... Happy Valentines Day :)

  6. Hi,An Award is waiting :) I've passed on the Leibster Blog Award to you.

  7. wow.......wonderful recipes.....feeling hungry da....

  8. what a fabulous roundup..so many great choices!

  9. wonderful collection of recipes... yummy..

  10. Have corrected it... Please check and let me know.. Hopefully it is working now!!!

  11. What a lovely round up! One place stop for breakfast ideas :)

  12. Wow a wonderful roundup !!! So many choices for breakfast.. Awesome.. :)


  13. Great Roundup.Great collections of breakfast recipes....



  14. Great Roundup.Great collections of breakfast recipes....




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