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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Poli (போளி)

Poli is a very popular festival food and it is called by various names across India. Some names of Poli are Tamil: போளி Poli, Puran poli (Marathi & Konkani: पुरणपोळी or पुरणाची पोळी, Gujarati: પોળી, Kannada: Obbattu/Hollige, Telugu: Bobbattlu... This is a like a stuffed paratha with a sweet stuffing. Ensure that there is no moisture in the kadalai parupu. Also DO NOT pressure cook the kadalai parupu, it may get mushy. Traditionally poli will be pressed on plantain leaf. Now we can use plastic paper if you cannot lay hands on plaintain leaf. It is served hot with ghee. The size of the poli should be similar to a puri and not bigger. This makes 12 polis. This is made on Tamizh Varuzhapirappu (Tamil New Year) which is celebrated today (14.4.2013) this year.
Kadalai Parupu / Channa Dal – 1 cup
Jaggery / Vellam – 1 ½ cups
Cardamom – 3 (made to a fine powder)
All-Purpose Flour – 1 ½ cups
Salt – A pinch
Turmeric Powder – 1/8 tea spoon
Water – ½ cup + ½ tea spoon
Rice Flour – 1 tea spoon
Edible Camphor – A pinch
Ghee or Butter – 3 table spoons
MethodBoil kadalai parupu and cook till it is well cooked (NOT IN A COOKER) and drain all the water when hot and let it dry on paper towel if needed
Powder it in a food processor
Heat a pan and add the kadalai parupu powder and jaggery and with no water added, cook this till thick
Switch off the heat and add cardamom powder and edible camphor
Make dough with flour, rice flour, turmeric powder, salt and butter and make it to a smooth soft dough and allow the dough to rest for 15 minutes
Make 12 balls out of the dough and 12 balls from the stuffing
Make the stuffed roti similar to making Aloo paratha or other stuffed paratha but do not use rolling pin, but roll by pressing with your palm.
Put them on a hot tawa and put little butter or ghee
Remove from heat once both sides have golden brown spots.
Serve hot with ghee or as is!!!

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  1. Feel like having some polis,super addictive beauties.

  2. Delicious poli Love this treat,Wishing you and family a happy tamil new year.

  3. I think one can never get tired of seeing or eating polis..nice one!

  4. Delicious looking poli,my family's all time favorite..

  5. Poli looks so nice, just saw it in some other space too :)

  6. Yummy polis. I used sugar instead of jaggery.

  7. Never get bored with polis in all its variety!!

  8. we make very small ones..just about two bites..yours look nice...

  9. Love poli anytime...looks very yummy


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