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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids– Italian Dishes

My daughter loves pizzas and pastas and garlic bread… This event is all about Italian Dishes that you love… I am so excited to announce the “Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids – Italian Dishes” event. Would love to thank Nithu for allowing me to host her event (this is the second time I am hostingSmile) See below for the rules and details for the giveaway and the awards!!!
Italian Dishes for Kids Logo
Event Rules and Details:
Event runs from 10th March to 10th April.
Cook any VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS) Italian dishes and post about it. Some of the dishes I can think of are Pizzas, Pastas, Bruschetta, Pasta Salad, Garlic Bread, Stuffed Garlic Breads, Ice creams (Italian like Granita), Cakes like Tiramisu. Basically anything Italian that you would love!!! Make sure they are Vegetarian and EGGFREE
Only fresh entries are allowed
Link back to this announcement and to Nithu's page - both Mandatory. Simply copy and paste this " Sending to Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids – Italian Dishes and Nithu’s page"
Logo is Mandatory as it helps spread the word!!
Person who sends the highest number of entries will get "Top Contributor" badge which you can proudly post it in your blog
Please use the linky tool at the bottom to link up your entries. If you have issues or you are a non-blogger, please send your entries to nivedhanams@gmail.com with the following details
Subject line - Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids - Italian Dishes
Your Name -
Blog Name -
Recipe Name -
Recipe URL -
Picture of the recipe (not more than 100 KB)
A random winner will be selected for the giveaway from the entries received
Apart from the monthly giveaway, an overall winner for the event series will be selected and awarded a gift and a badge. For this Nithu will select one person randomly from the "Top Contributors"
The giveaway winner should provide a Indian Postal address to send the gift
To qualify for the giveaway, you should follow "Nithu's Kitchen" publicly. I do not qualify for the giveaway as I am the host
Note this is not a sponsored giveaway and is Nithu's own contribution to the Event series
Please like our Facebook page and join us via Google friend connect.
All participants will get a participation award
Entries that do not follow the rules will not be included in the giveaway and roundup and will be DELETED.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Veg Hakka Noodles

A very delicious and spicy noodles. Noodles and fried rice and so dear to kids and teens. They are also very popular among adults and Indo Chinese food is the next popular food on the menu after the Indian food in restaurants. Before pizza and burgers came to fame in India, it was the Chinese food that became part of the restaurant menu.  I do not know if in China there is anything like this, but in India, Indo Chinese noodles, rice are very popular. Adjust the spice according to taste.

Roundup of Know Your Dairy–Cheese

I am so excited to have received so many entries for my “Know your Dairy – Cheese” event. Thanks to Jagruti for letting me host her event. Thanks to all who sent delicious entries and here is a cheesy and delicious roundup. Let me know if I have missed anyone (hopefully not). Click on the recipe name to take you to the delicious recipe.
Mini garlic pizza, Paneer tikka pasta, cheesy corn balls, Rasgulla, Kesar rasmalai, Pineapple snadesh
1 - Mini Garlic Pizza2 - Paneer Tikka Pasta3 - Cheesy Corn Balls4 - Rasgulla5 - Kesar Rasmalai6 - Pineapple sandesh
7 - DALIA HOUSE8 - Pineapple samosa9 - Mexican Lasagna.jpg10 - Taco Pizza11 - Veggie Cheese Muffins12 - Eggless Ricotta and Cinnamon Hot pancakes
13 - Palak Paneer.jpg14 - Paneer Matar Makhaana15 - Taco Salad16 - Bell Pepper and Paneer Fry17 - Nutella Apple n Cheese Sandwich18 - White Pillaf with Cheese19 - Lasagna
20 - Refrieds Beans tacos21 - Veg Lasagne22 - Pita Bread Pizza23 - Malai Sandwich24 - Angoor Rasmalai (1)29 - Mac Cheese
30 - Chilly Paneer31 - Whole Wheat Pizza32 - Herb and Cheese Pull Apart Bread33 - Sun dried tomato and Onion tart34 - Cheese Quesadilla35 - Mexican Pizza
36 - Bunny Mac37 - Spicy Garlic Pull Apart Bread38 - Rabri–Quick Version 39 - Paneer Chettinad40 - Sun Dried Tomatoes Onion and Olives Tart - Savory Tart41 - Eggless Lemon Coconut Bread
42 - Cheesy Garlic Breadsticks43 - Paneer Pinwheels44 - Eggless Garlic Mozzarella Muffins45 - Cheesy Masala Capsicum sandwich46 - Pineapple Cheese Sticks47 - Cottage Cheese Guacamole
48 - Veggie Breakfast Burritos49 - Paneer Makhanwala50 - Paneer Capsicum Pulao51 - Grilled Tomato Cheese Sandwich52 - Grilled 7 layer burritos53 - Rasgulla
54 - Pizza Dosa55 - Chocolate kalakand56 - Cottage Cheese Balls57 - Baked Pasta58 - Mediterranean Chopped Salad59 - Stuffed Garlic Bread - Dominos Style
60 - Angoori Paneer Tikka61 - Cheese paneer sandwich62 - Cheese veggie sandwich63 - Baked Eggplant Parmasean sandwich64 - Quick Cheese Dip
Thanks again to all who sent delicious entries.
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