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Monday, October 5, 2015

Paneer in White Sauce / Paneer in white gravy

There are so many paneer side dishes out there and this one is a delicious addition… I made this one to serve along with roti and it tasted so yummy… I generally love recipes which do not need much chopping as I am little slow in chopping.. Since most of the items in this are grinded, you do not have to worry about chopping them perfectly… so it is one of my favorite recipes.. This Paneer in white sauce is a rich and creamy side dish..


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Methi Malai Muttar

Methi Malai Muttar is a simple, quick and tasty side dish which tastes great with roti, chapathi or rice. This is one of the side dishes I make when pressed for time as it does not need much preparation.. I always have a pack of dried fenugreek leaves on hand and also frozen peas ready, so it is a very quick one… I have used dried methi leaves, but if you can lay your hands on the fresh ones, please use it…
Methi Mattar Malai -
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