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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Kanchipuram Idli / Kancheepuram Idli

Today we travel to the temple city - Kanchipuram. Kanchipuram is very famous for Silk Sarees (called Kanchipuram Pattu), temples, rich tradition and culture and food wise, this delicious idli. It has a beautiful aroma from the dried ginger powder and other spices. The recipe today is the very famous idli from this city. This is a very authentic recipe and has its unique taste, appearance and flavor..


Friday, September 11, 2015

Mysore pak - Indian Sweets

Here comes a very authentic and traditional sweet that is prepared in our houses almost in all festive occassions.. It is said to have originated in Mysore (Karnataka), it is a very popular sweet and is made in many functions.. We make mysore pak also for parupu thengai. Parupu thengai is a cone shaped presentation of sweets prepared during marriages and authentic occassions. From wiki – “Mysore pak was first prepared in the kitchens of the Mysore Palace by a palace cook named Kakaasura Madappa”. Make sure you have everything ready before you start the process as you will have very little luxury time. Also keep a close watch when the color changes as you skip the time, then your mysore pak will not come correctly.. Next time I make this sweet I will try to take step wise clicks..



Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tawa Idli - Street Food

Here we travel all the way to Hyderabad with this delicious street food made with idli... I got this recipe from here and this takes the level of idli from bring simple to exotic.. Serve this as-is or with coconut chutney!!



Ellu Poorna Kozhukattai / Ellu Kozhukattai - Ganesh Chathurthi Recipes

There are so many varieties of kozhukkattai and today we are seeing another traditional and authentic made for Ganesh Chathurthi. The taste of this kozhukattai is awesome from the sesame and jaggery...


Kurkuri Bhindi / Bhindi Kurkure / Bhindi Kurkuri / Crispy Fried Okra

Today we travel to the state of Rajasthan with this delicious Bhindi recipe. This is a crispy fried okra (lady finger) that tastes best when served hot!! Serve this with chai!! I got this recipe from here and we loved it..


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Jal-Jeera / Jaljeera / Jaljira–Spiced Indian Drink

Today I am bringing a delicious and tongue tickling drink.. It is Jal-Jeera.. Jal means water and jeera is cumin seeds.. This is a very popular flavored drink in India and I got this recipe from here and changed very little.. All of us enjoyed this drink and it was so refreshing and energetic



Monday, September 7, 2015

Idichakka Thoran / Chakka Thoran / Idiyan Chakka Thoran / Jackfruit Curry

Today we are starting week 2 and the theme is Indian States… Starting from my neighboring state – Kerala ‘'- God’s own country.. It is such a beautiful state and their cuisine is so authentic, flavorful and delicious.. We visited Wayanad couple of years back and was super delighted to taste some of the authentic Kerala dishes and this was one of them.. Very simple curry which is called as thoran in Malayalam Language.. You will need raw jackfruit which is very small Jackfruit - size of 5 - 6 inches. Do not forget to apply oil to the palms and to the knife and cutting board before cutting the jackfruit as it can stain pretty badly. Also remove the seeds if it is hard after cooking.. It can be used if the seeds are soft.. I removed some and I used some..
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