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Friday, June 12, 2015

Sprouts Salad

Do you like sprouts?? I love to enjoy them, but many do not like them as is... Sprouts can be used in many ways and this salad is a delicious way of enjoying it.. Enjoy this protein rich salad with only a few ingredients... Serve this cold and it will be a pleaser.. Serve this as a light snack or as a side..


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Saamai Idli / Little Millet Idli–Millet Recipes

Today's guilt free recipe is with millets and the cutest millet of all... It is made with Saamai called as the Little Millet.. Idli by itself is a very healthy breakfast.. Now making it even more healthier is by substituting the rice portion with the millets.. I also used the whole black urad dal with the skin. Again making it even more healthier.. Serve it with a spicy chutney and gobble them guilt free.. I made them in mini idli molds and it was so attractive


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Brown Rice Adai

Do you like Adai?? My answer is a BIG yes!!! I love it so much and can eat it everyday.. It is so rich in proteins with so many dals and lentils in it... But this has equal amount of rice in it and today I tried to substitute the rice with Brown rice and the result was a even more crispier and tastier adai!! Starting this month’s marathon with this guilt free adai!!

Brown Rice Adai - IMG_3852

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