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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Roundup of Foodabulous

Here is a great roundup of Foodabulous event. Thanks to Preeti who is the brain behind this event and thanks to all who sent delicious entries... Let me know if I have missed anyone by mistake. Click on the recipe title to take you to the recipe..

1.  Cheesey Potato Nachos   50.  SweetPidiKozhukattai/SweetRiceflourdumpling  
2.  lemon rice   51.  Grape Juice Popsicle  
3.  Greek Pasta Salad   52.  Garlic & Parmesan Pull Apart Bread  
4.  Mini Rasamalai   53.  Baby corn & Mangetout Peas stir fry  
5.  Malpua with Rabri   54.  Garlic&Herbs Pasta with Parmesan cheese  
6.  Tofu Cutlet   55.  Lemon Rice  
7.  Nylon Khaman   56.  Spinach pakoda  
8.  Peanut Burfi for Janmashtami Fasting   57.  Paal Kozhukattai  
9.  Tandoori Paneer Tikka   58.  cucumber raita  
10.  Multigrain Tawa Roasted Nippats   59.  Dilkhush/coconut/thengai buns  
11.  Krishna Jayanthy Recipes   60.  apple pie  
12.  Caprese sandwich   61.  Kovakka/Ivy Gourd Mezhukkupuratti  
13.  Beetroot Halwa   62.  raw banana paneer pattis  
14.  Corn cheese balls   63.  Matar Paneer  
15.  mexican Rice   64.  Pretzel  
16.  Soya potatoes cheese tikkis   65.  Stir fry Arbi chips  
17.  Malpua   66.  rava ladoo  
18.  Kai Holige   67.  Chocolate cupcakes  
19.  tutti frutti cookies   68.  Baigan Bhartha  
20.  Uddina vade   69.  Peanut burfi  
21.  Chilly tacos   70.  Vegetable Manchurian with gravy  
22.  Multigrain Beetroot Tart   71.  Vermicelli Upma  
23.  Semiya Payasam   72.  Singoda ni kheer – Water chestnut flour payasam  
24.  Pine nut pesto with Tortilla chips   73.  Eggless Mocha Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins  
25.  Gud ke Chaawal/Jaggery Rice   74.  Herbed potato and cheese monkey bread  
26.  Gavar nu Khatiyu   75.  Microwave Badam Halwa  
27.  Stir fried noodles with Tofu   76.  choco cookies  
28.  Spinach Tomato Soup   77.  Sprouts with moong vadi  
29.  Kaju Karela nu shaak   78.  Tri-Colour Treat  
30.  Samo khichadi   79.  lemon poppy seed cheesecake  
31.  Bhindi Capsicum masala   80.  vermicelli pulav  
32.  Vegetable biryani   81.  palak paneer kachoris  
33.  Sooji ka dhokla   82.  Maaladoo  
34.  Gujarati dal   83.  Indian Veg Thali  
35.  KALAKAND   84.  marble barfi  
36.  Kourabiethes   85.  Tamarind rice ( Puliyogare )  
37.  Meethay Ghoday   86.  Bhindi Do pyaza  
38.  Chocolate Rasgulla   87.  Unniyappam AKA Neyyappam  
39.  Moong dal halwa   88.  wheat appam  
40.  Tri Color Cake for Independence day   89.  pal payasam  
41.  Mango cake   90.  aval payasam / poha kheer  
42.  tiranga halwa   91.  samo/moriyo kheer  
43.  walnut chocolate tarts   92.  Baklava  
44.  Moong Dal Kheer   93.  cabbage and carrot sambharo  
45.  Quick Peas Masala Rice   94.  Baingan mussallam  
46.  Beetroot Halwa   95.  kadhai mushroom  
47.  Chana/Chole Masala   96.  potato beans  
48.  curdrice/bagalabath   97.  Kesar Pista Kulfi  
49.  Aloo Gobi Masala   98.  KADALEMADI  

Thanks again for all the delicious entries!!! Also here are the other events on my blog.. Please do send your delicious entries!!!

SIC - South Indian Cooking
Healthy Diet - Lunch Box

Fried Onions–for Biryani

I love shopping for cookware but not for food that I can do at home.. For me if it can be made at home, I would not prefer to buy it.. Most of the times, I see people buying instant stuff, breads, jams, I feel so uneasy like.. One such thing is this fried onions. It is used in a lot of Biryani and gravy preparations.. So Fried onions, as the name says it is frying onions in hot oil and you get it, but yes as simple as it, you could also make it inedible.. Issues that could come are soggy onions, Onions that are charred etc.… Follow simple rules and you get it right.. I got this one from here and I have it done it few times now.. This is for F – Miscellaneous

Friday, September 6, 2013

Ellu Urundai (எள்ளு உருண்டை)

Ellu urundai (ellu is sesame and urundai means balls or round) is a sweet made with sesame seeds and jaggery. It is a quick and tasty recipe. It is one of the foods prepared for Vinayaka Chathurthi for neivedhiyam. If it is difficult to shape the balls, use the help of little rice flour. So this for E and Regional Food..

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dal Palak

Have you eaten too many times outside and felt it is getting bored??? How about eating all rich and creamy dishes all the time and suddenly you do not feel like eating anything at all.... Wondered what is the best food when we are back from a trip or are sick or eaten too many rich meals.. It is the comfort food.. For me it is simple veg with lentil... I can be happy to relish this very simple and everyday food that can never get boring or heavy on you... And more importantly you have this feeling of accomplishment of giving healthy and nutritious meal to your own body and to your family... I try to spinach a few times in a month although I want to eat 2 times a week... This one is little more simpler than the one I normally do.. I got this recipe from here and it is very comforting, homey and out of the world tasty... So this is for D and regional food..And I am also sending this for Vegan Thursdays

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cornmeal Kozhukattai

A, B and now is C for which I chose to do this very interesting and very flavorful kozhukkattai.. Generally kozhukattai is made with rice flour and for a change I tried this different variety from here and it was so yummy!!! Loved this color and taste was perfect. I made the balls little smaller than the marble size. This one can be done very quickly except for the "making the balls" part. This one can be served warm or on room temperature..  This makes perfect for travel or lunchbox.. This is C for International / Fusion Cooking...
IMG_9596 - CopyIMG_9583

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Betel Oats Manchurian

Dishes with an interesting name are sure to catch your eye and you want to read about it. Same happened with me when I saw this dish here and it was not just interesting, but also tempting and very eye appealing too. Loved the thought of combining the very Indian Betel to the very Western Oats in a Chinese dish which is a Manchurian... So I can call this Indo-Western-Chinese. So what comes after A??? B .. SO this is my second dish for the month long A-Z marathon. This will be for B - International / Fusion group..

Monday, September 2, 2013

Arisi Adai–Puzhungal Arisi Adai

Arisi Adai is a dish that is traditional to South India and is very healthy. It tastes best when served hot. Coconut chutney and tomato urugai are a great side dish for this one. This dish is made mainly with the parboiled rice which makes it very healthy and very filling!!! We are starting a month long marathon with A-Z as the challenge with 4 themes. This will be A for Regional Food
Arusi Adai - IMG_9658

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Potluck Party–Cyber Style

Ready for a cyber party??? Jagruti from Jagruti Cooking odyssey has created an interesting idea of Potluck on the web.. But what exactly is it? It is a group where we meet on the web, make a dish and then a partner is chosen and you do your partners dish and they do yours.. Simple and fun and interesting...
Here are some guidelines and please let me know via email at nivedhanams@gmail.com if you would like to join....

I am guest hosting JCO's PPCS (Potluck Party Cyber Style) this month where every blogger is Invited to Bring a dish every month to make new blogger friends, try their dishes and expose your blogs into the cyber world to bring more traffic !
•The vegetarian dishes can range from starters, mains, desserts and drinks, your own or from a cookery book, cooked and posted on your blog and link on my blog on the 10th of every month.
•Sound so easy doesn't it ? So much Fun right? well I won't let you go that easily..:) here comes the CHALLENGE !
•Each member is assigned a partner and we need to cook the same dish that our partner bought for the cyber party on the 10th and post it on our blog on the 28th of the same month….
•After posting your own recipes on 10th every month, you will be cooking other participants dish and post on 28th of same month.
•Cook the same recipe which they have cooked and posted for Potluck Party, only this way you can taste their dish.
•First month if you've cooked starter, next moth cook mains, dessert or drinks. So always you cook and bring something different to the party.
•If you're interested and ready to accept this challenge, please email me at nivedhanams@gmail.com  .
•Use of logo and link this challenge announcement page both times in your post is MUST.
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