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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Badam Halwa / Almond Fudge

Badam Halwa is very popular sweet in India. It is a rich food and can grace many occasions and festivals with richness and sweet! Main Ingredients are almonds, ghee and sugar and it can be served both hot and cold.
badam halwa

Friday, November 1, 2013

Paal Ravai Halwa ( பால் ரவை ஹல்வா)

How many ever sweets we make for celebrations, it is always fun to do more and more.. Sweets bring celebrations and festivity!! Some sweets are quick, while some are elaborate.. Paal ravai halwa is a quick and easy sweet with 3 main ingredients – Paal (milk), Ravai (Sooji) and Sugar. This resembles like rava kesari, but tastes more richer and more delicious!!!
Paal Ravai Halwa - IMG_1625

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Only - Diwali Treats with Giveaway

With the so colorful and festival season, I am hosting another event of Pari's Only and the theme chosen is "Diwali Treats" So please share all your festive treats that you would enjoying for Diwali. It can be sweets, savories, traditional menu served on that day like payasam (kheer), vadai etc... The list goes on... The event comes with a giveaway sponsored by www.tarladalal.com will be a cookbook

Only Diwali treats

Rules for the event:
1.Any number of fresh entries can be sent but only two recipes from archives will be accepted.
2.Only Vegetarian entries accepted. Eggs not allowed
3.New and old posts should be linked with my event announcement and Pari's giveaway announcement.The entries will not be accepted in  case of failing to follow this rule.
4.Link your entries using the Inlinkz tools. Those participating in the giveaway (anyone who can provide an address in India) enter under  Giveaway participation entries category else link under  Non participants of the giveaway. Please enter your entry only once in one of the inlinkz tools.
5.Use of logo is compulsory as it helps spread the word.
6.In case you have a difficulty in using Inlinkz tool, mail me to nivedhanams@gmail.com with the subject as "Only - Diwali Treats"
7.The giveaway is shipped only in India and only to the Followers of Pari's Blog. You can follow her blog through Google Friend connect or Google plus publicly.
8.I cannot win the giveaway being the guest host this month also I will post the round up within a week after the event completion.
9.Please like us on Facebook and follow us via GFC
10.Entries that do not follow the above rules will be DELETED.
Recipes with Indian Address (for giveaway) here

Recipes with International Address (does not qualify for giveaway) here

Maida Diamond Biscuits–Diwali Savories

Maida Diamond Biscuits is a great snack. This can be enjoyed as is or can be added to Mixture. This is prepared during Diwali and is loved by all ages... This is my festival snack for this month's Vegan Thursdays
Maida Diamond Biscuits - IMG_5609

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Eggless Pina colada Cupcakes–Eggless Pineapple Cupcakes

This is a delicious and exotic cake with bursting pineapple flavor.. Gayathri announced Pina Colada cake for this month's Eggless Baking Group.. I did not use the original recipe, but got the recipe from Priya and it was easy and delicious.. Thanks to Priya for her quick reply.. This makes 12 - 14 cupcakes..

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Paneer Kheer or Crumbled Basundi–Diwali Sweets

Paneer Kheer is a kheer made with paneer. I am naming this also as crumbled basundi for its texture and taste. The recipe makes about 2 small cups of the kheer. The beauty of this dish is the satisfaction you get even when you eat a small cup.. So delicious and so soothing.. Adjust the sugar to taste and make sure you use fresh paneer.. I got this recipe from here and love it!!! Celebrate this Diwali festival with this simple and delicious kheer!!
Paneer Kheer - IMG_5596

Monday, October 28, 2013

Diwali Sweet and Savories - 2013

Happy Deepavali to all.. Diwali / Deepavali is one of the biggest Indian festival which is celebrated with lights. Deepam means light.. We celebrate it with sweets, savories, new dresses, crackers, visiting relatives and friends, decorating the houses and also doing pooja.. It is so much fun and a festival that is thoroughly enjoyed by all age groups. Hope you all have started the Diwali preparations.. Here is a collection of festive recipes. Enjoy. Click on the image for the link to the recipe.
Diwali Sweets
BadushaBadam KatiliBesan LadduChanna Dal HalwaChanna Jalebi Paneer JalebiGulab JamunDil PasandHoney Roasted CashewKaaramani Vella SundalKaju RollKalakandKesar Pista KulfiKesar RasagullaKhajur PakMishti DoiPoliRajbhogSakkari Velli Kizhangu HalwaSuyyanThengai Paal PayasamTutti Frutti Ice creamPeda - IMG_2441_thumb[5]
Godumai Halwa - IMG_1986_thumb[6]  IMG_1432_thumb[4]
Fruit and Nuts Urundai - IMG_2433_thumb[5]IMG_1545_thumb[5]Kadalai-Urundai---IMG_9259_thumb[1]Mashed Sweet Potatoes - IMG_3849_thumb[3]Puttu - IMG_2252_thumb[6]Rava Laddu - IMG_0931_thumb[5]Shrikand - IMG_1672_thumb[4]Then Kinnam
Milk Cake -  IMG_6648_thumb[5] Aval Payasam - IMG_5097_thumb[4]
Badam Milk Shake - IMG_3616 - Copy_thumb[4] Payatham Laddu - IMG_0968_thumb[6]
Almonds Dates PayasamCarrot HalwaGhevarHoney Roasted AlmondsMicrowave Mango HalwaMilk Masala PowderRabri
Diwali Savories
Kaarasev - IMG_0393_thumb[6]Ribbon PakodaNelakadalai pachadiKaara BoondiMoong Dal FryCapsicum PachadiSpicy Roasted CashewUlutham Maavu for BakshanamGarbanzo Beans Sundal - IMG_9488_thumb[3]IMG_2666_thumb[4]IMG_4904_thumb[5]Mysore Bonda
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