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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Kambu Semiya Upuma – Millet Recipes

With the New Year brings New Year resolutions and a lot of people have “Eating healthy” or “Weight Management” as part of their resolution. Here I am with a recipe to help….I love visiting shops that healthy items like millets, many types of rice, many types of flour etc.. We learn so much about the ingredients available for us. But a lot of ingredients are new and unidentifible. I remember seeing black rice for the first time and did not even recognize it, but I was surely fascinated by it. Recently I saw various types semiya made with millets like semiya made with Kambu, Ragi, Whole Wheat. I once saw a TV show where they did upuma with Kollu Semiya. It was very similar to how I do with Ragi Semiya. Now I have tried Ragi semiya and it was delicious. Today I tried Kambu Semiya and it was even more tastier. Cut the vegetables and you have the delicious upuma ready in no time... This will serve 3 - 4. Kambu is Bajra in Hindi, Pearl Millet in English, Sajjalu in Telugu. Try this for a healthy breakfast or evening tiffin and you will be happy you did!!
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