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Who Am I

Thanks for taking the interest to know me.. My name is Sowmya and I am a wife, mom, daughter, sister...... I love to cook, watch cooking shows, read cooking blogs, read cooking books... Ok you got the idea!!!! I also love to take photographs (people and food). I am still a beginer and am learning. I am a strict vegetarian (no eggs also) and my blog is also the same. All the recipes post on my blog are tried, tested, reviewed and approved in my kitchen. I love to hear the comments, suggestions from you on the recipes and pages and if you try any of the recipes from here, please share your experience. You can contact me at nivedhanams@gmail.com and I would be happy to chat with you.. 


  1. hi.. m new to blogging n cook only sattvic food.. do check my blog too.. krsnarpanam.blogspot.in

  2. Hi sowmya,i am following your blog happily,you have nice collection of recipes.i am bookmarked many to try.when you have time visit my blog too.

  3. Hi, sowmya.. love your your blog.. esp. being its eggless completely...i am in US believe me..i have tried so many libraries and blogs for complete eggless ones but there are only few like egglesscooking.com etc. but i really love ur blog.. and from the fact also that you are from chennai. Even i am from chennai. will return to chennai soon. can visit me on

  4. Hi Sowmya, Very nice to see a blog like yours. Can you please post step by step pictures. That would be very helpful for a beginner like me. Thanks in advance

  5. You have a great blog Sowmya... Do drop in sometime to myplace.

  6. Awsome..I loved the way you capture your thought behind food and you are very inspiring. Do check my blog. People like you have also inspired me two write my creation on food.

  7. hai,
    i am radha from palani. i am visiting your blog for t past 2 months and i should say my cooking is improved a lot.... thanks and yours is truly a wonderful job. simply i could see t passion patience and dedication towards it..
    ours is a agricultural family. we use to have rice with pasiparuppu or kolluparuppu or thataparuppu all around t year. toor dal is a luxury that we cook on special occassions with idly and payasam.my parents andgrand parents knew nothing about modern recipe world and it doesnt suit their taste as well...(tiffin items will consume more water and they dont prefer it while working in the open field under scorching sun.)
    after me getting married and settled in hosur, my world changed upside down... i dont know any recipe, while my neighours cook more than 20 with ease.. i felt very bad .............
    so my hubby brought me lot of cookery books, subscribed active cooking in tv,and none worked out for me..

    every day i wake up with a million dollar q #what to cook#. my head start spinning while i see t laborious procedures to cook one recipe..
    recently we got net connection and i day i was surfing all cookery sites while saw this name rak's kitchen......i thought it might me another sickening site with barbarian dishes and to my surprise ...i found what i wanted at last. thanks to u sowmy.
    i usually dont eat outsidebut there is this eggfree star hotel e-inn near banglore where i got addicted to all panneer recipes.
    i wanted to cook them in home, but i have no idea how to and i had a very strong feeling that only star chefs can do it right.
    the great plus of your site is your warming welcome note to t dish( obviously your love care and dedication towards t family).next is your vivid description with striking pictures........yor ingredients and measurements r fine with me and here i am cooking extrodinarily says my husbands ........thats the precious credit that i ever earned..of course i dedicate it to you ..i first started with your panneer recipes and it came out very well .then on i tried i one recipie a day...now i can cook them without seein notes and with ease....GOD BLESS RAK'S FAMILY

    till yesterday i havent seen your pictureand when i saw this lady in white chudi standing near window........ i was confused checking whether i am in t right blog r not...back there i have pictured u as a madisar mami around 40 yrs of age in my mind and...........ihad ahearty laugh.
    my hub said "i am going to singapore to thank this deivam in person' and sent a thank you note that i am cooking well because of u..hope you remember.
    i really dont find enough words to express my feelings...thank u so much sowmy. my best wishes to your family. continue rocking ,cooking,..........
    i long wanted to write my heart out, so please bear with my blablabla.. TAKE CARE BYE FOR NOW.. WITH LOVE RADHA SIVA AND KARTHIK MY 3 YR OLD CHUTTI

  8. Your concept is impressive, My Blog also newborn . Do visit my blog also n let me know about a contest...https://www.facebook.com/kiranfoodcorner

  9. Hi Sowmya, U have a great blog and I am ur new follower, will be glad if u follow me back...

  10. I came across your blog while browsing Priya's versatile cooking blog. Have a look at my blog and provide your suggestions.

  11. Hi sowmya. i came across your blogs they are very helpful.thank you so much to make eggless recipes .i want to make a request if u can share the recipes of eggless macarons.


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