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Friday, February 1, 2013

Spicy Garlic Pull Apart Bread

Pull apart bread is a very soft and tempting bread. This is the first time I am making it and I am very happy with the results. I recently joined "We Knead to Bake" group created by Aparna and the purpose of the group is to bake one different bread each month. The stuffing is a personal choice and I have used my imagination and preference for the stuffing..

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Know Your Dairy–Cheese

Dairy is an important portion of our daily nutrition. We have dairy in many forms from Milk to Curd to Cheese. I am guest hosting Jagruti’s “Know Your Dairy” with Cheese as the ingredient.  So thankful to Jagruti for allowing me to host this month. Let us see the rules and event details.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dish it Out–Lentils and Garlic

Events are fun to be part of, especially the ones which have a lot of options. Here I am hosting Vardhini’s Dish it out and the ingredients I have chosen are lentils and garlic. There are so many dishes that can be made out of these two magical ingredients that are staple and a must in many Kitchens. I always have garlic and many variety of lentils in my Pantry. Thanks to Vardhini for allowing me guest host her Dish it out for this month.

Dish it out

Eggless Drømmekage fra Brovst / Eggless Danish Dream Cake

A cake with a difference is the first opinion I had when I saw this cake announced by Gayathri for this month's Eggless Baking Group Challenge. This was suggested by Meena. It is not easy to substitute recipes that have 4 eggs, but I got ideas from Archana. The cake needs to be done in steps and finally an assemble needs to be done. Do not forget to make the topping as the first step as it is very important to add it immediately once the cake is baked. You need to use a 9 inch square pan for this recipe. The original recipe is from here and followed it exactly except for substituting the eggs. This cake is from the Brovst region of Denmark.

Couscous Upuma (கஸ் கஸ் உப்புமா)

Couscous Upuma is a quick, healthy and tasty tiffin. I have fallen in love with this recipe that I love to include it as much as possible on my menu...
Couscous Upuma - IMG_3640

Monday, January 28, 2013

Mysore Bonda (மைசூர் போண்டா)

Mysore Bonda is a very famous South Indian snack or tiffin which tastes best when served hot with coconut chutney. Every time I hear or see Mysore Bonda, I remember a joke – “One person ordered Aloo Paratha and he checked if there is aloo inside it and then he orders Mysore Bonda and claims that the waiter has cheated him as there is no Mysore in it”.. I know it is a silly joke… But I always remember this jokeSmile
Mysore Bonda - IMG_0597
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