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Friday, October 17, 2014

Karchikaya / Sweet Somas (Somasi)–Diwali Sweets

A delicious sweet that is prepared for Diwali.. This recipe will make 12 - 16 medium sized somasi and there will extra filling, that you can eat as is or as a stuffing for parathas..  This is a traditional sweet!!!
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Big Basket.com - Experience and feedback

Online Shopping is a big hit now and with many of us choosing online to do our shopping, today we walk through the online shopping experience with Big basket.com. Couple of days back, I was contacted by big basket.com to make a review of their website and also share my feedback.

First let me list of the advantages and disadvantages based on my experience. This is a sponsored review and I have given the review and feedback as I have been using bigbasket.com for over an year now.

India's Largest Online Grocery Store - BigBasket Logo from bigbasket.com

Advantages :

  • 4 Delivery slots - They have 4 delivery slots in a day to choose from
  • Delivery charges up to 1000 is only 20 - Delivery charges are free for orders above 1000 but for orders below 1000, the delivery charges are only 20. And they also have a no minimum order
  • Vegetables and fruits are mostly fresh and well packed - The fruits and vegetables that are delivered are mostly fresh and well packed.
  • Lot of availability - There are so many options with many brands of grocery, home cleaning, vegetables, fruits, cut vegetables and some international foods also.
  • Courteous staff and on time delivery - The delivery were always within the window and the customer service staff and the delivery staff were very courteous.
  • Thorough Communication - All the communication happens via email and you get periodic SMS about your order from the time it is ordered till the time it is delivered
  • Delivery PIN - You need to mention a delivery PIN which is sent via SMS to you to get the order delivered to you. This is an enhanced safety measure.


  • Delivery slots gets booked soon - This has happened a few times for me where I order today, but all the delivery slots for today could be full and I will have to choose the next day. Sometimes, if you order today, you might not get ur order until tomorrow.
  • Changes in the order - There have been changes in the order after it is placed due to non-availability of items.
  • Operational in 3 cities only – The service is limited to Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad only.

Do visit www.bigbasket.com to make your grocery and produce shopping easy and comfortable!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Godumai Halwa–Tirunelvelli Halwa–Diwali Sweets

This very traditional halwa has been on my list for such a long time.. We make this halwa for Diwali and what a better time to try this one than now.... I fell in love with this halwa and it is so addictive!!! I would not classify this one as easy, but not too hard as I had imagined!! You can eat this as halwa or make it into pieces and enjoy!! Also food color here is optional... If no food color, then it will in rich honey color!!! Cooking time for this quantity was 30 – 40 minutes from the time sugar syrup is started..
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