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Monday, June 2, 2014

Vegan Fondant–with stepwise pictures

Fondant is a product I got introduced in the last few years. I was so intimidated by it when I first saw and now I am more comfortable and love using it. Have you ever wondered at the pictures of tiered wedding cakes which look more like a photo and less like a cake and also the beautiful beads and decorations on them?? Looks awesome and so professionally done.. I have used store bought Fondant in the past and this time I tried my hands on home made one. I got this recipe from Veena who was sweet enough to share her recipe. It is very simple to do.. Hard part is finding the ingredients.. From ifoodtv – “History of Fondant  - Usage of fondant is traced back to 15th century, where people decorated their cakes with paste made from a mixture of sugar and almonds. Another earlier version was made with egg white, rosewater, lemon juice, and gum paste. Fondant, in early times, was mostly used in candies. It came to be used as an icing in the 20th century. In recent years, using rolled fondant has become a popular practice in cake decoration.” There are two types of Fondant – rolled fondant and poured fondant. This is rolled fondant.


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