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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Maambazham Mor Kuzhambu / Maambazham Pulicherry

Mangoes are delicious, they are called the King of Fruits is what I am teaching my little one now.. So true.. Mango when eaten raw or when eaten as a fruit is super yummy and delicious.. It is also very versatile. I have made few recipes with Mango and Manga (raw mango) and have loved each of it. It is Mango season now and I wanted to do a different recipe that I have not tried before and answer was the easy and quick authentic mor kuzhambu made with Mango. Loved this recipe for its taste, easy of making it, its authenticity and such a different one.. A delicious mor kuzhambu made with mangoes. This mor kuzhambu is also very quick one to do..


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