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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hummus–Mediterranean Dip

A very simple recipe and a mistake makes it one of the toughest to do.. Is that familiar for anybody else??? Or is just me? Today I decided to do this simple and very elegant Mediterranean Dip that is so delicious.. So I referred to a few websites and kind of made my own way... It looked very very simple, add the garbanzo beans, garlic, tahini and few more ingredients and blend.. Man how easy is that.. And yes I made a mess and it was tough to get it right.. But I did manage to make it perfect from a disaster.. So what mistake I did???? SHHHHHH quiet!!! Will tell you at the end...


Friday, October 4, 2013

Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread is a served as an appetizer or an side to Italian dish. It can be made to taste and preference. The amount of richness depends on your choice of butter added. Olive oil can also be used. You can slice the bread in half length wise and apply the butter and toast and then slice the bread into pieces.
Garlic Bread1 - IMG_9237

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Eggless Choco Crinkled Cookies–Vegan Cookies

Some recipes are too good to eat.. You can just keep looking at them.. One such cookie is this delicious Crinkled cookies. I loved the idea of how the cookies appearance is formed.. We make balls with the chocolate dough and roll it in powdered sugar and when it bakes, it expands and the cracks forms making it look so tempting. I got this recipe from here and was instantly a hit in my house.. You can adjust the amount of powdered sugar used for coating, but that will change the appearance and taste. This cookie has a crisp outer and a softer and chewy inner. This cookie has a very good shelf life of at least 10 days. This is my choice for this month’s Vegan Thursdays and for Kid’s delight – Party Special..

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Recap of A-Z Month Long Marathon

One month long marathon is done... This is second time I am doing it and it was surely fun.. I thought a recap would be great to share with you all... To begin with the Month long Marathon with A-Z and 4 themes were decided well in advance (I think about 3 to 4 months before).. So that gave us all ample time to plan all our dishes and have them ready.. And here is the list of recipes I cooked for this marathon

Arisi Adai - Regional 1

Arusi Adai - IMG_9658

Betel Oats Manchurian - International / Fusion 1


Cornmeal Kozhukattai - International / Fusion 2

IMG_9596 - Copy

Dal Palak - Regional 2


Ellu Urundai - Regional 3

Fried Onions - Miscellaneous / Condiments 1


Ganesh Chathurthi Celebrations - Miscellaneous / Condiments 2


Honey Drizzled Semolina Cake - Baked 1

Idli Usli - Regional 4
Idli Usli - IMG_1832

Jam Biscuits - Baked 2
Jam Biscuits - IMG_0410 (2)

Kalyana Mangai Urugai - Miscellaneous / Condiments  3

Kalyana Maangai Urugai - IMG_9716
Lemon Rasam - Regional 5
Lemon Rasam - IMG_0386

Mixed Fruit Jam - Miscellaneous / Condiments 4
Mixed Fruit Jam - IMG_4088

Nelakadalai Pachadi - Miscellaneous / Condiments 5

Oats Sweet Kozhukattai - International / Fusion 3


Pistachio Cardamom Biscotti - Baked 3
Pistachio Cardamom Biscotti  - IMG_3250
Quinoa Tabbouleh - International / Fusion 4

Ricotta Sweet Loaf - Baked 4
Sweet Ricotta Loaf - IMG_4182
Strawberry Jam - Miscellaneous / Condiments 6

Strawberry Jam - IMG_2119
Thenkoodu / Beehive Buns / Khaliat Nahal - Baked 5


Vegan Mango Cake - Baked 6
Eggless Mango Cake - IMG_1848
Walnut Pesto Pasta - Pesto Di Noci - International / Fusion 5
Pesto Di Noci - IMG_0899

Xacuti Potato - Regional 6

Yogurt Parfait - International / Fusion 6
Zaffrani Pulao - Regional 7


And that was A-Z with four categories. It was surely fun and super exciting. I have learnt so many new dishes from other fellow bloggers who were part of this Marathon!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Drumstick Sambar / Murungakkai Sambar

I rarely blog on my daily food for a reason that I do not photograph them most of the time.. Sambar is a daily food that is served with Plain rice, Idli, Dosa. and it tastes best when served hot. There are different types of Sambar like Aracha sambar or grinded sambar, non-grinded sambar or plain sambar, mor kuzhambu, milagu kuzhambu, vathal kuzhambu, parupu urndai kuzhambu etc. Arachuvitta Sambar - IMG_1819

Monday, September 30, 2013

Zafrani Pulao - Hyderabad Style

A very elegant and delicious pulao.. There are different kinds of the zafrani pulao - one is sweet and other is spicy.. I was in no mood for a sweet rice preparation. So I chose the savory version from here that I had bookmarked and served it with a Paneer dish. This is my choice for Z – Regional


Roundup of SIC (South Indian Cooking)

Here comes a delicious roundup of Authentic South Indian Cooking recipes.. Thanks to all who sent the delicious recipes and thanks to Anu who is the owner of this series!! Let me know if I have missed anyone by mistake!!

Dish it out–Sugar and Butter

Think of sweets, first few ingredients are sugar (or any sweetener) and fat.. With so many festivals coming, what a better time to make fun sweets with these ingredients.. Here I am hosting  Vardhini’s Dish it out and the ingredients I have chosen are Sugar (and jaggery) and Butter (and ghee). There are thousands of dishes that we can make with these ingredients and these are in most house kitchens. Thanks to Vardhini for letting me host her event again.

1. Make a dish using "Sugar (jaggery also) and Butter (ghee also)". We should be able to taste the ingredients in the final dish.
2. Only vegetarian entries. Eggs NOT allowed. If using Eggs, then there should be a mention of the egg substitute.
3. Use of logo is appreciated as it helps spread the word.
4. Link to this event announcement page and Dish it Out page is mandatory. Simply copy and paste this " Sending to Dish it out – Sugar and Butter and Vardhini’s page"
5. Archived entries are accepted as long as they are linked with both announcements
6. Event runs from Oct 1st to Oct 31st.
7. Please link your entries with the help of the linky tool below. If you have issues linking, please send email to nivedhanams@gmail.com with the following details
Subject - Dish it out
Recipe Name -
Recipe URL -
Your Name -
Picture of the dish - not more than 100 kb
Please like us on Facebook and follow us via GFC
Entries that do not follow the above rules will be DELETED

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Yogurt Parfait

Y was one letter that finished really late in my planning. It was done only on 25th Sep.. I did this for hubby's birthday and we all enjoyed it a lot.. I made 3 glasses and they looked so picture perfect.. Since I made this for evening, my pictures are not so perfect.. Wish I captured them in the day time.. Thanks to our BM friends on the advise of when to assemble.. This one is all to taste and preference and availability.. Yogurt Parfait is basically a layered desert with yogurt, fruits and nuts.. How many layers, how much quantity depends on you. This quantity made 3 tall servings. This is my choice for Y – International

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