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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Thakkali Kootu / Tomato Kootu

Quick meal??? The first thing that comes to my mind is this kootu with steaming hot rice... This one is a life saver as it takes very few ingredients, not much preparation and the meal is very comforting and tasty...

Friday, October 2, 2015

Recap of Buffet on the Table

Another month long marathon is over and today we will be enjoing the recap virtually.. This BM, although was announced so long ago was a very hectic one for me.. Most of the posts were done in the last minute and I had issues with my laptop, with my health and what not... I had so many thoughts of giving up as I thought I would not be able to complete.. Now when I look back, I am happy that I continued and did not give up... So here the virtual recap of the Marathon - Buffet on the table. Click on the recipe name or image to take you to the recipe…

Week 1 – Combo Dishes

Day 1 – Kaara Kuzhambu and Spicy Potatoes


Day 2 – Veggie Fajita w Mexican Platter w Tomato and Basil Tortillas, Cilantro Lime Rice, Veg Fajita,Sour Cream, Refried Beans, Corn Salsa

Mexican Cuisine - Plate - IMG_1679

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Carrot Parupu Usli

A month long marathon comes to an end today.. It was such a topsy turvy ride with so many posts done at the very last minute.. Phew!!!! Today’s recipe is going to be a simple curry with carrot.. Do you like veggies that are not spicy??? I am a yes and no.. I prefer spicy veg when accompanying my sambar rice or rasam rice or curd rice... Some veggies are exception, I do not mind the simple carrot curry with coconut, but love this spicy version which is a great accompaniment to any rice dish.. Adjust the spice according to your preference. I make the regular parupu usli with Beans and the recipe is here..


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How to remove seeds from Grapes but retaining the skin

Why go through all the effort of removing the seed when you can filter them.. By doing so, you will also filter the skin and the goodness of the fruit is lost to a big level.. It is very essential to remove the seeds from the grapes before using them in juices, jams, ice creams etc.. It is a time consuming process, but all worth the effort. Now when the seeds are removed and the skin is used, you get the goodness of the skin and also the beautiful color with out adding artificial color.. The addition of skin also gives a better texture, wholeness and more opaque. I made this process for the grape juice and the grapes jam


Monday, September 28, 2015

Coconut Oil–how is it made / Coconut to Coconut Oil

Some items to me are just go to shop and buy, but I always love food factory shows. I watch a show called "Food Factory" in discovery and love it.. I had a live experience of how a product is made. Love to visit some places like Krispy Kreme Donuts where we see the factory of making donuts from shaping the doughnuts, to proofing the doughnuts to frying and glazing it. Next is the beautiful local hotels here in India where we can see the food getting cooked from where we order. Today we are going to be seeing my tour of “oil press” where coconut is made to coconut oil.



Sunday, September 27, 2015

Shemai Custard / Semiya Payasam / Vermicelli Kheer

Some recipes are similar so much across many countries and today we are going to be seeing one such recipe.. I am talking about Shemai Custard which is soooo similar to the Semiya payasam we do in India.. It is a kheer or custard or payasam made with vermicelli also known as Semiya. It can be served for breakfast as it has all in one from milk to sweetness to the vermicelli.. It also graces any occasion and is very simple to make. It can be served both hot and cold.



Onion Uttappam

As a kid, I never order South Indian when we go out as we get it more tastier at home… Now if I have to order one, then my choice has always been (even now) onion uttappam.. And I always tell – extra onions!!! Yeah me crazy with onions and this uttappam is super yummy!!! This is served as a breakfast in many homes in Southern India.. You can add more delicious things like coriander leaves, curry leaves, green chili, carrot etc… Oh yeah that will also be yummm…


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