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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Roundup of Kid’s Delight–Festival Sweets in One Hour

Want to make something quick for festivals? Here is a roundup of Indian Delicious Sweets that can be done quickly!!.. Thanks to Valli for letting me host her event series this month.. Thanks to all who sent delicious entries!!

1. aval ladoo                                            11. Rava Kesari

2. Halloween chocolate bark                  12. Halwasan

3. Candy corn with healthy twist            13. Khajur Mawa Roll

4. No bake chocolate chip brownie bar  14. Bajre Ki Kheer

5. Dates and nuts burfi with nutella        15. Easy Pressure Cooker Kesari

6. Cocoa Fig daate nuts rolls                   16. arrowroot halwa 

7. Mini Rasgullas - naturally coloured    17. Moong dal laddu

8. Easy Badam Katli                                18. Makhane ki Kheer 

9. Soft Carrot Peda                                  19. Instant Moong Dal Halwa

10. banana coconut fry                            20. Instant Kalakand

  Thanks again to Valli for letting me host her event series this month.. Thanks to all who sent delicious entries!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Vegetarian Jujubes Candy / Gelatin Free jujubes Candy

A delicious kid friendly (mom unfriendly) candy.. Reason I feel that this is mom un friendly is that all that this very attractive looking, very tempting candy has nothing but SUGAR.. But my daughter loves it!! She can eat all of it by herself (Shhh!!! only if I will allow).. One of the biggest drawbacks (advantage actually) of knowing to cook is the understanding of the ingredients.. When I was a kid and used to relish these jujubes, little did I know that it had only sugar and very little did I know that is not healthy!! Now that I know it, I have a big NO feeling to enjoy this!! But make this and your kids would be so excited and thrilled.. As I always say, if the kids want to enjoy jujubes, then home made is much more healthier than the store bought!!
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