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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mushroom Aloo Mutter

For Vegan Thursdays, I chose to write Mushroom Aloo (Potato) Mutter (Peas) which is a great side served with rice or roti or naan. It tastes best when served hot. You can skip the peas soaking part if it is made with frozen peas, in which case, just thaw it.
Mushroom Aloo Mutter - IMG_4001

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mishti Doi – Easier method

Mishti Doi, the word makes me so nostalgic. Takes me back to school days when I spent one year in Calcutta (now Kolkata) and we used to enjoy this delicious mildly sweet and mouth melting sweet called Mishti Doi which was served in individual earthen pots. To me mishti doi, as the name says - Mishti means sweet doi means dahi means curd. So Mishti doi is sweetened curd. When I learned to Shrikand which is also a sort of sweetened curd, I thought it is the same as mishti doi but with another name.. and Yes I was wrong. Mishti doi is done way differently than Shrikand. I searched internet for this recipe and got the traditional way of doing it where the milk is reduced to half and then it is made to a curd.. Now I also saw a lesser difficult method from here and the lazy in me liked the easier method.. I am sharing this for BM with Sweets from Bengal (Course wise meal from any state).

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Channa Jalebi / Paneer Jalebi

For this month's SNC Chandrani of the North team challenged us South Team with a delicious Bengali Sweet. West Bengal is very famous for its milk sweets. This jalebi was literally mouth melting.. Little different than the regular jalebi and you can play with the shapes.. I made the standard round shape.. It was delicious and we all enjoyed it. Thanks to Divya and Chandrani for this delicious challenge. I am also sharing this for BM with Sweets from Bengal (Course wise meal from any state).

Monday, June 24, 2013

Kesar Rasagulla

Rasagulla is a very famous Bengali sweet. It is primarily made from milk. Many sweets can be made as an extension to Rasagulla like Chum Chum, Rasamalai etc. Rasagulla can be made in different shapes if desired. It tastes best when served chilled. Also I felt that the taste is so much better after 2 or 3 days in fridge.. To add a small difference to the rasagulla which actually was not as small as I thought was adding Kesar (Saffron). A small pinch gave a beautiful color and wonderful flavor and aroma and I am happy that I tried the small difference.. (from wiki) – “It originally debuted in Orissa and was called as “Khirmohan”.” I have chosen this delicious sweet for BM for Course wise meal from any state. I have chosen sweets and Bengal..

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Roundup of Kid’ delight–Sweet Treats

Very exciting to have a list of Kid friendly recipes which will make Moms delighted.. Here is a roundup of the entries I received for the Kid’s delight – Sweet Treats event. Thanks to all who sent delicious entries and thanks to Valli.
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