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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ricotta Loaf–Sweet Ricotta Loaf

Love breads and bread baking... very self satisfying and soothing..  This is one of best breads I have baked and I got this recipe from here and it was yummy!! Great texture and spongy and very soft. My choice for R - Baked
Sweet Ricotta Loaf - IMG_4169Sweet Ricotta Loaf - IMG_4182

Friday, September 20, 2013

Basil Pesto Penne Pasta–Pesto Pasta - Guest post for Priya Suresh

I was super excited to be part of  Rendez Vous With A Foodie happening at Priya from Priyas Easy and Tasty Recipes's blog. Priyas blog needs no introduction.. Priya is one of bloggers from whom I have bookmarked so many recipes and also tried some.. It amazes me as to how quick can she be posting recipes for challenges.. She is definitely super fast... She has such a wonderful blog and beautiful recipes with a big variety.. Also the events that she has started are very versatile and amazing. Some to mention are CWS series and Healthy Diet Series. I have hosted both of them and she was always very friendly and great to work with.. Recently she started the Vegan Thursdays group and yes I am part of that too.. For her Rendez Vous With A Foodie series, I am sharing a very flavorful and elegant Pasta.
Pesto Pasta - IMG_9587

Rendez Vous With A Foodie is a beautiful event where Priya showcases newbie bloggers and have a small chit chat with her beautifully drafted questionnaire.. I came to know more about many of my blogger friends in a much better detail with this event.. Would you love to see the chit chat and also the recipe??? Click here to go to Priyas page for it..

I wanted to do an interesting dish with this event and I chose this pasta which is quick and easy to make... Something very special is the flavor and taste of it..

Pasta is an Italian dish which is very popular and there are so many varieties available... I did this with Whole Wheat Penne. Pesto Pasta is pasta made with pesto sauce which is made from basil. It is rich, creamy and quick to make with start and finish taking about 15 minutes. The pesto also has a very fresh flavor from the green leaves. This recipe serves 2 to 3 people. Pesto is an uncooked sauce. I used coriander instead of Parsley. Pesto sauce stored in an airtight container can keep in the refrigerator for a week.
Pesto Pasta - IMG_9591
For the recipe, please visit Priya's blog

Quinoa Salad / Tabbouleh with Quinoa

A delicious salad which can be done in less than 30 minutes. Very nutritious and very filling. This will serve 2 for dinner or 4 as a side.. The flavor and aroma of mint, lemon and coriander is too good. This is my choice for Q - International

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pistachio Cardamom Biscotti - Eggless Biscotti

Biscotti is a great Italian accompaniment to Coffee.. Biscotti means double baked and as the name suggests, it is baked twice. it will be crispy and crunchy and at the same time will melt in your mouth.. I got this recipe from here and made some changes to suit our taste. My choice for P - Baked
Pistachio Cardamom Biscotti  - IMG_3250

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Oats Sweet Kozhukattai

Oats Kozhukkatai is a fusion variation I tried for Vinayaka Chathurthi.. I combined the very western oats into the very traditional and authentic kozhukkattai.. It was delicious... Kozhukkattai is a traditional sweet prepared during Vinayaka Chathurthi. Vinayaka Chathurthi is celebrated on the birthday of Lord Ganesha. You can click here to see the other forms of kozhukattai. This is my choice for O - International / Fusion

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Nelakadalai pachadi / Groundnut Dip

Nelakadalai is tamil name for Groundnut and this pachadi / dip is a great accompaniment. I saw this from a TV show (Arokya Unavu in Jaya TV) and tried it the next day and we loved it..Has a nice variety of texture from the crushed groundnuts and the grated carrot and the seasoning... This goes very well with sambar rice or Biriyani or aloo paratha... Kept well in the fridge for 2 days.. Have loved it so much that this is my first choice when it comes to making pachadi.. My choice for N - Others / Miscellaneous

Monday, September 16, 2013

Mixed Fruit Jam

Bread, butter and jam is a very nostalgic and very simple breakfast. All the ingredients (Bread, butter and Jam) and generally store bought at my place and we just assemble and you have a yummy dish ready.. Now with all the “trying different cuisines and food” aura rounding around me, I try to make all the 3 ingredients at home… Definitely more complicated than buying from the store, but tastes so fresh and so awesome.. I am sure you have heard me say, how rewarding bread baking is.. Now comes the second ingredient which is the Jam. Mixed Fruit Jam is a famous type of jam which is made with a variety of fruits. Since we make it home, we can customize and personalize it. Adjust the sugar, adjust the variety of fruits, add essence if you want, add color if you want… Have fun!!! Now the truth is that I dislike to buy the store bought jam as it almost looks like solidified sugar water!!! But sometimes if I am pressed for time or ingredients, I do have to buy it.. This is my choice for M - Others / Miscellaneous
Mixed Fruit Jam - IMG_4088Mixed Fruit Jam - IMG_4077

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Roundup of Healthy Diet - Lunchbox recipes

Healthy is a word which is very attractive but also has the aura attached to it that it is bland and not tasty.. Now with so many healthy options here, I bet that feeling of "Not tasty" is blown away. Here is a very healthy and very delicious options from the Healthy Diet - Lunchbox recipes event. Thanks to all who sent so many entries and many thanks to Priya for letting me host her series.. Click on the recipe name to take you to the delicious and healthy recipe... Let me know if I have missed anyone by mistake.

1.  Cheesey Potato nachos   51.  Lemon Rice & Potato Fry  
2.  Greek Pasta Salad   52.  Vegetarian Whole Wheat Spaghetti  
3.  Beetroot Tikki   53.  Oats - Dalia Idli  
4.  Chickpea Potato Patties   54.  Pumpkin Thepla  
5.  Paneer Quesadillas   55.  Masala Bhaat  
6.  Nylon Khaman   56.  Kale Chane ka Pulav  
7.  Multigrain Tawa Roasted Nippats   57.  Bhindi Do Pyaza  
8.  Caprese Sandwich   58.  Creamy Coconut Milk & Rice Pudding  
9.  Quesadilla - Vegetables, Bean & Cheese   59.  corn pomegranate pulao  
10.  soya potatoes cheese tikkis   60.  Cucumber-Cheese-Chutney Sandwiches  
11.  Cucumber Peanut Butter Sandwiches   61.  Adai Dosa  
12.  Gavar nu Khatiyu   62.  Baby corn and spinach rice  
13.  Oats-Wheat-Paratha   63.  Masala Idly  
14.  GOBI PARATHA   64.  Tomato Peas Briyani  
15.  lemon rice   65.  Pan roasted brinjal fry  
16.  Paneer fried rice   66.  Cabbage and carrot sambharo  
17.  Gujarati Dal   67.  Gobi Meethi Ki Sabzi  
18.  Veggie Nargisi Koftas   68.  Dahi chawal  
19.  Kadala Pongichathu....   69.  Potato Masala Roast  
20.  Meethi Rice   70.  Vallyamma's Veg Kuruma  
21.  peas pulao   71.  Arisi Adai  
22.  Anitha Kirubakaran   72.  KADDU MEETHI KI DOSTI  
23.  Peppered coconut rice   73.  PALAK RICE  
24.  kovakka mezhukkupuratti   74.  Sattu ka paratha  
25.  Chanadal and Soya Paratha   75.  Chocolate-Almond Butter Bites (vegan; low-sugar)  
26.  Kaima Idli   76.  STUFFED VEGETABLE IDLYS  
27.  Quinoa Uppuma   77.  Flapjacks  
28.  oats Rava Idli   78.  Dressed Noodle Salad  
29.  Panchmela Dal   79.  Moong Dal Sambar  
30.  Sprouted Green Bean Salad   80.  Moong dal kachori  
31.  Harini   81.  Methi bajra khakhra  
32.  stir fry arbi chips   82.  low fat snack- Khandvi  
33.  Gooseberry rice   83.  Beetroot Lauki muthia  
34.  Jeera Tomate Dal   84.  greens & grain salad with sorrel pesto  
35.  Gobi Ka Kheema   85.  No Bake Carrot Cake Granola Bites  
36.  Chettinad Vegetarian Fish Gravy   86.  Basil Rice(Thulasi Sadham)  
37.  Drumstick Pulp Thokku   87.  Broccoli Aval  
38.  Ragi Tofu Paratha   88.  Asparagus and Peas Pulao  
39.  Cabbage rice   89.  Soya semiya delight  
40.  Briju Parthasarathy   90.  Wheat Bread Capsicum Sandwich  
41.  Baigan Bhartha   91.  Palak Masala Pongal  
42.  Coconut Rice   92.  Cucumber Rice  
43.  Herbed potato and cheese monkey bread   93.  Olive rice  
44.  Milagu kuzhambu   94.  Sprouted Soybeans/Moong Dal Sandwich  
45.  Moong Dal   95.  Iyengar Bakery Bread Sandwich  
46.  Mushroom Moong Sprouts Curry   96.  Broad Beans Packs (Avarakkai Packs)  
47.  Snakegourd Channadal Kootu   97.  Peanut Rice  
48.  Sprouts with moong vadi   98.  Masala Capsicum  
49.  Mixed Vegetable Bhujia   99.  Khajoor Halwa / Date Fudge  
50.  Spicy Biscuits   100.  Avalakki khara pongal /poha pongal  
101. Usili 
Thanks again to all who sent their delicious entries.. Here is another event going on in my blog till 15th of this month. Please send your entries here

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