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Friday, September 28, 2012

Vaazhaithandhu Kari

I am so excited to do this guest post for Jagruti of JCO. I wanted to do an authentic recipe and chose this vegetable which is very healthy and tastes amazing. Jagruti has such a nice blog with so many events, variety of recipes from sweets to fried rice to biscotti. I wonder where does she get the idea for these events and recipes. Simply amazing. When I am in her blog, I love to spend so much time reading the recipes, may be even if I have read it before... It has a nice story, amazing drool worthy pictures and easy to follow recipe.Vaazhaithandhu (Banana stem in English) is a very fiber rich vegetable. There are lot of interesting things I can relate to banana. One - my amma says “ஆளை இள்ளைக்குமாம் கீரை தண்டு, ஆணையே இள்ளைக்குமாம் வாழை தண்டு” - meaning people will slim down if they eat spinach, but elephant itself will slim down if it eats this banana stem. Another is the song from MGR Film – “ தனையே குடுப்பதில் வாழைக்கு ஈடு” – meaning – “self sacrifice like the banana tree which gives everything”. You can use all the parts of the tree. Like the leaf can be used as a plate, banana, plantain, banana stem, banana flower - all can be eaten by humans. This is very easy kari. The tedious or the time consuming part is the cutting of this vegetable. I am not sure if I can say it to be a vegetable. It is a stem.
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  1. Haven't heard about this dish before...but I must say it looks appetizing! Awesome guest post!

  2. Delicious Banana stem curry, you are right, banana plant is useful from head to toe.

  3. Never tried this dry version... Thanks for sharing...

  4. very healthy n my fav veggie....

  5. Such a healthy kari Sowmya, regarding ur q'n about red rice idiyappam,yes you can use any kind of rice flour;

  6. So healthy and yummy curry! I love every part of banana tree too


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