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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Roundup of Celebrate–Summer

Summer is still here but the event Summer is over and I have got so many summer recipes which we can try and enjoy for the remaining summer.. Thanks to all who sent delicious and refreshing entries. Thanks to Jagruti who is the brain behind the series. Here is a refreshing and summer friendly roundup.. Enjoy!!
1. Paneer Rezala                                   37. Vadagam \ Fryums
2. Moru Kachiyadhu                               38. Hawaiin Fruit Punch
3. Badam Kheer                                    39. Samak ki Khichd
4. Black Grapes Drink                           40. Eggless Mango strawberry Cheesecake 5. Channa dhal Kheer                           41. Watermelon Kheer
6. Mango Rice                                       42. Ice Apples and Mango Dessert
7. Homemade Yogurt                            43. Bread Pakora
8. Sweet Watermelon Dosas                44. Cantaloupe Mousse
9. Manga Inji + Manga Achar                 45. Spicy Garlic Focaccia Bread
10. Mango Ginger                                  46. Refreshing Buttermilk Smoothie
13. Greek Fruit Salad                           49. Strawberry Jello
15. Aam Sandesh                                 51. Aam Panna
16. Cabbage Raita                               52. Gobi Paratha
17. Mango Lassi                                   53. Golden Passion(papaya pineapple drink) 18. Palm Fruit Milk Shake                    54. Methi Kadhi
19. Citrus Punch                                  55. Mango Pudding Cake (eggless)
20. Grape Lime Melody                        56. Ragi Badam Elaichi drink
21. Banana Split                                  57. Chilli Lady Finger
22. Ginger Melon Punch                      58. Mango Pudding 
23. Cucumber - Mint Lassi                  59. Wood Apple Juice
25. Watermelon Carrot Juice              61. Almondy Rooh afza Lassi
27. Mango Salsa                                  63. Falooda 
29. Red Grapes Smoothie                   65. Kerala Olan
30. Amrakhand                                     66. Thair Semiya
31. Tiramisu Sandesh                         67. Vellarikai Poricha Kootu
32. Sambaram                                     68. Mango Almond Shake
33. Mango Smoothie                            69. Chocolate Vanilla Panna Cotta w Mango 34. Rasgulla                                         70. Carrot, orange and Pineapple juice
35. Raw mango pachadi                      71. Pina Colada Lassi
Thanks all and please send more delicious entries to the ongoing event WTML w giveaway - http://nivedhanams.blogspot.in/2013/04/wtmlwalk-through-memory-lane-with.html


  1. Great Roundup :) hope u enjoyed hosting :)

  2. Wonderful round up..so many recipes to try for us in the sumer days. Thank you for hosting an event for Jcookingodyssey !


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