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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Oats Sweet Kozhukattai

Oats Kozhukkatai is a fusion variation I tried for Vinayaka Chathurthi.. I combined the very western oats into the very traditional and authentic kozhukkattai.. It was delicious... Kozhukkattai is a traditional sweet prepared during Vinayaka Chathurthi. Vinayaka Chathurthi is celebrated on the birthday of Lord Ganesha. You can click here to see the other forms of kozhukattai. This is my choice for O - International / Fusion
Ingredients for the maavu / dough:
Rice Flour – 1 cup (No need to roast)
Water 1 ¼ cup
Salt – ½ tea spoon
Sesame Oil – 2 tea spoon
Ingredients for the pooranam / stuffing:Oats – 1 cup
Cardamom – 4
Jaggery – 1 cup
Water – 3 table spoons

For Maavu / dough: Heat water in a pan
Add oil and salt to it
Once the water comes to a boil, add the rice flour and blend it well
Stir it continuously till it becomes into a soft dough
Remove from heat and close with a lid and keep aside
For Pooranam / stuffing:Dry roast the oats until it changes color a little and a nice aroma comes. Set aside
Heat the jaggery with water and stir occasionally
Stir well till all the jaggery is dissolved and starts to froth
Stir it well again for couple of more minutes. Ensure that the mixture has very little water.
Add the cardamom to it
Now add the roasted oats to this and mix well
Remove from heat and allow it to cool
For the Kozhukattai:Coat the palms with little sesame oil to avoid the sticking
Make small balls of the maavu
Press the balls and make a small choppu
Keep the pooranam inside and seal the top making it look like a kozhukattai
Do the above for all the maavu and pooranam
Grease the Idli plates with little sesame oil
Keep these kozhukattai on it and steam cook it (without weight) for about 10-15 minutes
After 10 minutes, check status.
Kozhukattai is done when it looks like it has sweat.
Generally it takes about 10-15 minutes to be done in steaming
Remove the Kozhukattai from the idli plate and is ready!!
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  1. The oats version sounds great...yet to try this delicacy from the South.

  2. Oats kozukattai looks inviting . Must be yummy and healthy...

  3. oats kozhukkattai..hearing fr the first time... mst be healthyOngoing Event-Back 2 School

  4. Very healthy and fibre rich stuffing, prefectly looking kozhukattais.

  5. This is awesome Sowmya! Love the oats pooranam...Being a big kozhikattai fan, I could eat this guilt free :)

  6. wow thats a very very healthy kozhukatai :) pooranam with oats looks so yummy and kozhukatai are tempting me dear !!

  7. Delicious kozhukkattai with nutritious stuffing!! Nice recipe!

  8. Simply delicious and mouthwatering to look at kozukuttais.

  9. That one is an interesting and healthy stuffing.

  10. Love the nutritious poornam. They look so tasty...

  11. Very innovative filling..look so good..

  12. Very innovative recipe.Must have tasted yum..

  13. Definitely a successful fusion dish. Love that oats filling.. So healthy and delicious.

  14. Interesting and healthy filling for Lord Ganesha as well!!

  15. love this version of the kozhukattai...looks very inviting

  16. Lovely fusion Sowmys. Looks good.


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