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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Vegetarian Jujubes Candy / Gelatin Free jujubes Candy

A delicious kid friendly (mom unfriendly) candy.. Reason I feel that this is mom un friendly is that all that this very attractive looking, very tempting candy has nothing but SUGAR.. But my daughter loves it!! She can eat all of it by herself (Shhh!!! only if I will allow).. One of the biggest drawbacks (advantage actually) of knowing to cook is the understanding of the ingredients.. When I was a kid and used to relish these jujubes, little did I know that it had only sugar and very little did I know that is not healthy!! Now that I know it, I have a big NO feeling to enjoy this!! But make this and your kids would be so excited and thrilled.. As I always say, if the kids want to enjoy jujubes, then home made is much more healthier than the store bought!!
Sugar - 1 cup + some for coating
Strawberry Crush - 1/2 cup
Pectin - 2 table spoons
Agar Agar - 1 tea spoon
Water - 1/4 cup + 1/4 cup
MethodGrease a glass pan (about 6 inches square) and set aside. Glass is preferred and also you can use 4 inch quare or a 8x4 loaf pan also..
In 1/4 cup water, dissolve the agar agar and set aside
Heat sugar and 1/4 cup water, starwberry crush, add pectin and bring it to a boil
Add the agar agar solution and keep cooking this until it becomes gooey
The consistency we are looking for is - Drop a few drops in water and it should hold its shape and you will be able to make a soft ball.
Strain it to the prepared tray and tap it a few times.. You need to work a little fast or the sugar will set
Refrigerate until set (about 6 hours)
Cut into small pieces and remove from the pan. Take a bowl of sugar and drop the jujubes in the sugar and roll it well. You could also use a cookie cutter and cut the desired shapes.
Refrigerate for 1 more hour and you are ready to relish and serve!!
Points to note
You could use any fruit crush or fruit juice
You could also do multiple colors (I have not added any extra color here)
You could add artificial colors and essences if desired. Like orange color and orange essence, yellow color and mango essence, purple color and grapes essence, pink color and strawberry essence etc.
Do not forget to tap the pan to remove any air bubbles and also to spread evenly


  1. Looking very nice and made perfectly.

  2. Wow... that's a tempting jelly bite...Sowmya...do join my event below..looking for our delicious recipes....
    Thanking you
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    Event Date : Jan 1st – Jan 31st
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  3. ohhh not ur daughter me itself will finish it whole plate ...

  4. Happy new year sowmya to you and your family, Jujubes look delicious

  5. Thank you very much for your wonderful recipe.
    Could you please let me know the size of your cups & spoons used in the jujube recipe? Also how to procure pectin in India? Which is the best company that I should go for? Thanks again...

    1. Hi Anshu, You can get Pectin in stores that sell bakery ingredient products.. Cups and spoons are standard measurements sizes..


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