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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry

Some items are so easy, that you do not make note of the recipe, but you forget how easy they are and search for the recipe.. Same happened with me for the Chocolate Dipped Strawberry.. It was strawberry season and fresh strawberries were welcoming us into the grocery shops.. It would be almost a sin that you do not buy these beautiful fruit.. So tempted to buy these, I got a large quantity and made Jam (yes that is the first one I make when I have loads of fresh fruit) and now wanted to make something with the remaining fruits.. I remembered the chocolate dipped strawberry I made long ago and wanted to make it.. I remember it was so easy that it hardly took 10 minutes to make it.. But I did not have the recipe written, reason was - it was too simple.. Now I did it again, but this time, made sure that I am writing it on my blog for me to remember..
We can eat strawberry as is, but add chocolate and it looks even more inviting.. You could also make designs with this.. Sorry I was in a hurry and did not take the photos with the designs.. Next time.. So to the basic recipe now



Strawberry - 1 lb (about 450 grams)
Cooking Chocolate - 200 grams



Line a baking sheet with parchment paper
Using double boiler method, melt the chocolate and set aside
Wash the strawberries well and pat them dry with a kitchen towel
Hold the Strawberries by their stem and dip them in the melted chocolate, do a little swirl to ensure that most of the strawberry is coated and arrange it on the parchment paper
Allow it to set for 10 - 30 minutes


Some changes you could do -
Dip in many varieties of chocolate like milk, white, dark, and unsweetened
You could add 1/2 tea spoon of butter to the chocolate to make it shine
Dip the strawberry in dark chocolate and make designs with melted white chocolate like lines or swirls after the dark chocolate is set
With strawberries dipped in Unsweetened chocolate, it can be served to people with some diet restrictions also

Once the strawberry is dipped in the chocolate, you could also sprinkle some nuts over it

Once the strawberry is dipped in the chocolate, you could also sprinkle some colored sprinkles over it

This can be a great platter to be served in parties and will also be very attractive

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  1. This seem to be a classic treat..very nice..

  2. Super like, these chocolate dopped strawberries are my weakness.

  3. So true. Unless we write down the recipes we tend to forget the ones we don't make often. Chocolate dipped strawberries are always a favorite.

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  5. I just love this, made it for Valentines day and kids loved it. Awesome dear.

  6. Yummy and delicious who can resist this lovely treat


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