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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bajra Roti–Rajasthan

Welcome to the state of Rajasthan.. Rajasthan, the name means “The land of Kings”Raja means King and Sthan means place / land. It is one of the biggest states in India and covers about 10.4% of the total land area. I visited Rajasthan last year and it was a beautiful place and very photographic . The cuisine of Rajasthan is highly influenced by both the war like lifestyles and the availability of the region. Food that are perfect for travel, will last for several days are so perfect. Also ingredients that would grow with very less water is perfect. Last year we visited Rajasthan for our Anniversary trip and stayed at Taj Lake Palace. The food was awesome and phenomenal. We also enjoyed the street food there!! Another experience was riding on the camel.. One Hell of an experience.. I was so scared to ride on it that I was so much waiting for the ride to be done.. I had a nice opportunity to visit the Taj Palace Kitchen and was so excited.. That was the first professional kitchen I entered.. The Chef there was so kind enough to walk me through it and also gave me his signature recipe book that is used in the restaurant.. I felt so proud. And then came our Formal Dinner. The Head Chef there told the Manager to give us the Chef Table. I did not know what Chef Table is.. But anyway I was thrilled about it.. Evening we were all dressed up formally and went there to the restaurant. Now the Manager was super busy and he forgot to give us the Chef Table and was looking for a general table to seat us. The Head Chef was sweet enough to come out and remind the Manager and we got to sit in the Chef Manager.. To those like me who do not know what a Chef Table is – Chef Table is a seating table from where you can get the best view of the kitchen and the dishes being cooked while you are eating.. So sat in the center there and I enjoyed looking at the kitchen right from my table. The cooks there were sweet enough to keep pointing at the dishes – Maam yeah aapka cook ho raha hai – Madam your dish is getting cooked there now. The Chef also came and took some pictures with us. The food blogger in me was so elevated and clicked many photos of the cooking and of the dishes served.  The Head Chef also asked me to review their food, cooking, way of cooking and the way of serving.. Man I felt like I was in Cloud Nine.. After the dinner, we went back to our room with so many sweet memories. The Chef there said that I spent all my time seeing the kitchen and did not each much!! Lol… I enjoy cooking more than eating!!! Coming to today’s recipe, it is the signature dish - Bajra roti and it is also a very healthy and nutritious roti. This is my choice for the Rajasthan state. I served it with Dum Aloo.




Bajra Flour - 1 1/2 cups
Hot Water - 3/4 cup
Salt - A pinch
Omam / Ajwain - A pinch
Oil - 1 tea spoon + 1/2 tea spoon per roti



Mix together bajra flour, salt and omam well.
Add hot water and mix it with a spoon first and then use your hand to make it to a soft dough
Add a tea spoon of oil and coat it well and keep it aside covered for 15 minutes
Use a rolling pin to roll it to a small disc (5 - 6 inches) and cook it on the tawa
When one side is cooked, flip it and apply 1/4 tea spoon oil and flip.
Add 1/4 tea spoon oil to the other cooked side also
Once both the sides have golden brown spots and are well cooked, remove from heat
Keep it in a hot case covered until you finish the remaining dough and also until it is served!!


Points to note

If you are having difficulty in rolling the dough , then use the help of a roti maker to roll the dough to a disc, but cook the disc on the tawa only.
You could also use a plastic sheet and press the disc in between two vessels and make the disc
Since bajra flour is gluten free, it can be hard to roll


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  1. I dont hesitate a second to inviting myself to have this nutritious roti with that fingerlicking dum aloo, soo delicious and prefect pair.

  2. good work Soumya, i loved the points you shared

  3. lovely rotis and what an amazing combo..lovely post.

  4. Nice write up on your trip. Good choice of dishes. They both look lovely..

  5. What a lovely combination Sowmya...so nice to read about your experience as well..the best part sometimes I enjoy is this special view we get to see the chefs working!

  6. You sure had a 5 star experience at the restaurant -- lucky for you to get the chef's table.
    Bajra rotis look perfect.

  7. Lovely and tasty combo of bajra roti and dum aloo.

  8. You have made the bajra roti's so perfectly. No wonder you did not eat well :) I would have done the same!

  9. Nice reading about you experience,Bajra roti looks delicious and perfect...

  10. Loved reading your trip experiences and the visiting the professional kitchen. Bajra roti looks good.

  11. It was nice reading your experience Sowmya.I am sure you had a blast that day;And the roti and curry looks so appetizing!Superb!

  12. with the unique texture of this dough, cant believe your rotis came out so perfect

  13. Bajra ki roti looks fantastic dear :) very nice reading about restaurant experience, great to get the secret recipe from the chef .. very delicious combo with dum aloo :)

  14. definitely an experience to treasure.. rotis are so perfectly round sowmya.. nicely done

  15. Wow that's a perfect anniversary gift a food blogger can get. The rotis have come out beautifully.

  16. I think my comment got lot Sowmya. Anyway what I wanted to say was thats the perfect anniversary gift a food blogger can get.
    And the rotis are perfect.


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