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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Indian States Odyssey–A recap

We walked through each state by food in the Indian States Odyssey Mega Marathon that happened during April 2014. It was so much fun and so much research and so much of learning. There were times were I thought of quitting as I could not find recipes.. But I am so glad I finished this successfully.. Here is a recap of the Mega Marathon

Andhra Pradesh – Dibba Roti

Andhra - Dibba Roti

Arunachal Pradesh – Vegetarian Thupka

Arunachal Pradesh - Thupka

Assam – Mohura Pitha

Assam - Mohura Pitha

Bihar – Aloo Bhujia with Kachori

Bihar - Aloo Bhujia and Kachori

Chhattisgarh – Gulgule / Gulgula

Chhatisgarh - Gulgula

Delhi – Gajar Ka Halwa

Delhi - Gajar Ka Halwa

Goa – Goan Style Paneer

Goa - Goan Style Paneer

Gujarat - Muthia

Gujarat - Muthia

Haryana – Bajre Ki Khisri

Haryana - Bajre Ki Kisri

Himachal Pradesh – Khatta Kaddu

Himachal - Khatta Kaddu

Jammu and Kashmir – Aloo Anardana Paratha

JK - Aloo Anardana Paratha

Jharkhand – Jhalmuri

Jharkhand - Jhalmuri

Karnataka – Vangi Bath

Karnataka - Vangi Bath

Kerala – Ada Pradhaman

Kerala - Ada Pradhaman

Madhya Pradesh – Shikanji / Shikanjavi

Madhya Pradesh - Shikanji

Maharashtra – Bombay Halwa / Corn Flour Halwa / Karachi Halwa

Maharashtra - Bombay Halwa

Manipur – Chaak Hao Tann

Manipur - Chaak Hao Tann

Meghalaya – Spicy Asian Slaw

Meghalaya - Spicy Asian Slaw

Mizoram – Marcha Rot

Mizoram - Hmarcha Rawt

Nagaland – Pumpkin Oambal

Nagaland - Pumpkin Oambal

Orissa – Lachedar Paneer

Orissa - Lachdedar Paneer

Pondicherry – Kadala Kuzhambu

Pondicherry - Kadala Kuzhambu

Punjab – Makki Di Roti

Punjab - Makki Roti

Rajasthan – Bajra Roti

Rajasthan - Bajra Roti

Sikkim – Vegetable Momos

Sikkim - Momos

Tamil Nadu – Kuthiraivali Dosai

TN - Kuthiraivali Dosai

Tripura – Panch Poran

Tripura - Panch Poran

Uttar Pradesh – Kaala Jamun / Kala Jamun

UP - Kaala Jamun

Uttaranchal – Til Ki Chutney

Uttaranchal - til ki chutney

West Bengal – Sandesh

WB - Sandesh

Hope you had fun virtually and excitement of visiting the Indian States along with me…


  1. Its a pleasure to take part in challenges n its fun after finishing them.Wonderful recipe collection soumya

  2. What a lovely walk through the states Sowmya, great efforts..such lovely dishes!


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