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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon Buns are a form of quick bread which can be done in less than an hour. They taste best when served warm. Glaze is optional but adds more sweetness and richness to the buns. We have used Buttermilk frosting here. A cinnamon bun (also cinnamon roll, cinnamon swirl and cinnamon snail) is a sweet pastry served commonly in Northern Europe and North America. In Sweden, the cinnamon roll takes the name of kanelbulle (literally: "cinnamon bun") and on October 4, "kanelbullens dag" (Cinnamon roll day) is celebrated in Sweden.
IngredientsAll-purpose Flour – 2 ½ cups
Brown Sugar – ¾ cup
Sugar – ¼ cup + 2 table spoons
Butter (melted)
Cinnamon Powder – 2 tea spoon
Clove Powder – 1/8th tea spoon
Salt – 1/8th tea spoon + ½ tea spoon
Baking Powder – 1 ¼ tea spoon
Baking soda – ½ tea spoon
Buttermilk – 300 ml
Confectionary sugar – ½ cup
Milk or cream – 2 table spoon
Butter the cake pan well and keep aside
Mix ¾ cup brown sugar, ¼ cup white sugar, salt, cinnamon powder and clove powder well
Once well mixed, add 1 table spoon of butter to this mixture and mix well until it is well mixed
In a separate bowl, add flour, 2 table spoon sugar, baking powder, ½ tea spoon salt and baking soda and mix well
Mix butter milk and 2 table spoons of melted butter and add it to the flour mixture
Transfer to a work board and knead it with the help of little flour until well combined to a dough
Roll it or shape it to a 12 by 9 inch rectangle
Brush 2 table spoons of butter in the rectangle so that the mixture will absorb better
Put the filling inside (it will look like a lot, but it is good) and press it down leaving ½ inch from all sides and press it in to the dough
Roll the dough with the filling in with the help of the bench scrapper and roll it in tight
Pinch the ends after rolling and roll it with the seam down
Cut it into equal slices (around 8 – 10 pieces)
Press down the cinnamon buns after keeping them like how you can see the filling. Like a 90 degrees turn from rolling
Put the buns in the greased cake pan
Butter the buns top and bake them at 425 degrees for 23 – 25 minutes
Spray a plate and also the cooling rack with PAM
Run a paring knife through the sides of the buns and transfer them to the plate (like transferring the cake) and then transfer to the cooling rack
Allow it to cool for 10 minutes
In the meantime, prepare the glaze.
Add ½ cup of confectionary sugar (sifted) with 2 table spoons of cream or milk and butter and mix until well combined
Pour one spoon frosting over each cinnamon bun.
Enjoy them warm...



  1. Looks amazingly soft Sowmya..I love how these buns are browned!

  2. Cinnamon buns look amazing with the glaze. Well done.

  3. Not a fan of these but my daughter is drooling over them. You have done a fabulous job. The frosting dripping down the sides and the general appearance is just perfect.

  4. My kids are fans of cinnamon buns and I usually bake these for them. They look tempting.

  5. Love cinnamon buns to the core.. That glaze makes the buns alluring.

  6. Love these buns. They look very tempting

  7. Lovely.. the frosting dripping is so inviting :-)

  8. These look so tempting and delicious.

  9. My husband hates cinnamon. So I don't even have ground cinnamon with me!! I would love these rolls but I would be the only one at home. Great that you dont have any such prejudices at home!

  10. Cinnamon buns were on my initial list for the marathon but got edited out. Your buns look so amazing.

  11. Cinnamon is something that is not a favorite with all, but these buns definitely tempt me.

  12. Fabulous buns and the frosting over is too appealing :)

  13. The buns look amazing! Love the glaze dripping buns :)


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