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Friday, April 3, 2015

Eggless Pistachio Sponge Cake

I have started to have an appreciation for Sponge cakes which are very light and airy and as the name as "Spongy". This cake is easy to put together and tastes delicious.. I got this recipe from here and made some changes. I have taken pictures in 2 different light settings, so they look slightly different. Cakes usually come with a whole lot of calories and I have been looking for bakes that are lower in butter and fat. Also I have used whole wheat pastry flour instead of all purpose flour here.. Trust me it was so spongy, airy, light and delicious!!!
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Whole Wheat Pastry Flour - 1 cup
Baking Powder - 1  1/4 tea spoon
Sugar - 3/4 cup + 1 table spoon
Unsalted butter - 2 table spoons
Milk - 1/2 cup + 2 table spoons
Egg Replacer - 1 table spoon
Warm water - 1/4 cup
Pistachio Essence - 3/4 tea spoon
Pistachio - 1/3 cup
Green Food Color - 3 drops (optional)
Salt - 1/4 tea spoon
Grease a 8 inch pan and set aside. Make sure you do this well.
Boil the pistachios for 2 - 3 minutes and once cool to touch, pop them out from their skin.. Chop these and add a tea spoon of flour and coat them well. This will ensure that the pistachios do not sink to the bottom while baking
Sieve flour and baking powder and salt and set aside
Heat milk until it is very hot and add the butter and set aside. Add essence and food color.
In a large bowl, beat the egg replacer and warm water until it forms soft peaks.
Add sugar to the bowl and beat it until fluffy
Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C
Gently fold in the dry ingredients and add the milk mixture to the bowl
Finally add 3/4 of the nuts and once well combined, pour it in to the prepared pan
Drop the remaining nuts on top and tap the pan on the kitchen counter to even the batter and also to escape the air bubbles if any
Bake it in the preheated oven for 25 - 30 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean



  1. Beautiful color sowmya!! And looks amazingly soft and fluffy! !

  2. Amazing clicks and wow look at that perfect sponge cake

  3. cake got a tinge of pista color...lovely

  4. The cake has such a subtle color and looks super light. I like your experiments with sponge.

  5. Such a moist and delicious pista cake. Looks amazing.

  6. Wow, these look absolutely incredible. Spongy and nutty!! yumm

  7. Love the pretty color of the cake.. The cake has come out very spongy and soft..

  8. Very nutty and that mild green colour makes this spongy cake more pretty.. Such a rich cake Sowmya.

  9. I have seen this in Suma's blog.Looks good Sowmya.We need to have a marathon to finish off our bookmarked recipes now...

  10. Someone was asking me for an eggless pistachio cake and here you are with a perfect recipe. It looks so spongy..

  11. Love the pastel color of the cake and it looks spongy.

  12. Lovely texture soumya!!Looks super good

  13. Pistachio cake must have tasted awesome. Looks soft and moist.

  14. thats as awesome colour and texture.. whats the purpose of Hot milk, Sowmya ??

  15. Looks marvelous and spongy! I have seen this hot milk cake in few different recipes and now I see your perfect one.

  16. Sowmya, I love that subtle colour and the texture of the cake..very nicely done..

  17. Amazing color this cake has, I too love sponge cakes.

  18. Nice color and texture nicely done

  19. Beautiful colour and lovey texture .

  20. thats a lovely cake Sowmya, like the use of pistachios.


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